31 December 2015


By John Ollis

Today, is January 1 2016, I have been thinking about the past year and seeking to assess it. I guess one can easily forget the negatives in a year, but in all honesty I cannot remember any of significance.
It was a year of blessing and the favour of God on my life. I am well into my 75th year, and wonder how many years I have left, or how long it will be before Jesus breaks through the clouds. I did seek to make the year fruitful and effective for the Kingdom of God, there were some unnecessary spiritual failures too, which I regret, as I know I have the grace of God to call upon and I can live above sin.
The Apostle Paul tell us IN EVERYTHING give thanks, and I do that today, thanking God for His blessing, His goodness, His Grace and favour. I give God all the glory for whatever was accomplished last year,  for without Him, I would be nothing.
I don’t really know what 2016 holds, we leave in 11  days to fly to Bali to conduct a wedding, and then onto Singapore for further ministry. There is a large Bible School in Indonesia I will teach at for a week, then ministry in another large regional city for 9 days. Internationally beyond that, there is nothing confirmed.
I minister from time to time in our local church, and I have my blogging.
I now can spend more time in intercession too, and interestingly quite a number of my past students are pioneering churches in various nations of the world, I will pray daily that they “build according to the pattern of the Word” and that their churches impact their cities and nations.
So although I am in a new season, I am still “living the dream” what an awesome privilege it is to know the Lord, and to be able to serve Him.
My prayer for you, is that this year for you will be a year of favour, and blessing beyond your wildest dreams. How about letting me know some of your dreams, plans and resolutions for this year, and I will pray with you to see them fulfilled. I look forward to your response.