23 August 2013


By John Ollis

I have decided to make this blog the last in the series “Building according to the pattern”. I will list these additional components and only comment briefly, and then request you make some comments or ask questions regarding this whole series of blogs. You may also think there are other essential components, please tell me.

We saw an awesome list of keys in Acts 4.23-31 for both the believer and the local church, I then added this week Small Groups, I now add:

LEADERSHIP TRAINING,  This is of course part of the teaching program of a local church, but we must seek to reproduce and replace ourselves,  God will then promote us to a larger ministry.

MISSIONS, We must fulfil the Great Commission, putting emphasis not only in our Jerusalem (our community) but Judea Samaria (further afield,) as well as the uttermost parts of the earth. Acts 1.8

TEAM MINISTRY, no one has all the gifts and talents needed to build a local church, The Trinity  is an awesome example or Team Ministry.

QUALITY ADMINISTRATION,  We must not have the attitude, “it’s just the church it doesn’t matter, in every area including finance this must be done with excellence.

PROPHETIC/APOSTOLIC VOICE, we need to recognise the Ministry Gifts God has placed in the Body, and born out of relationship and trust let them speak into the life of the church.

SOCIAL JUSTICE. We need to show practically our love and care for our community, but it must NEVER  replace the preaching of the Gospel.

HAVING AN EYE FOR THE CLOUD, the Children of Israel were taught to have an eye on the cloud of Glory above the tabernacle, and when it lifted, they had to pack up and move with the cloud. God is still speaking to His Church, and opening up the Word of God more to us, WE MUST NOT SETTLE DOWN, but have an ear to hear and a heart to obey God’s leading. History is strewn with churches which started well but settled down.