3 October 2013


By John Ollis

On Tuesday, 9 days ago I entered hospital, there were numerous tests done, then the surgery took place on the Wednesday morning. I am pleased to inform you that the surgery went very well, no cultures have developed in the lab, all other tests are clear.

What is called a spacer was inserted after removing the knee replacement, it is a form of cement soaked in antibiotics. There is little movement, and considerable pain.further tests have continued to show the infection has been removed. I am on IV antibiotics, and will be for the whole time I am in hospital, then oral antibiotics following discharge.

The good news is that stage 2 surgery will be performed next Wednesday to give me a new knee replacement. I will remain in hospital a further 9-10 days following, Please continue to pray that the wound will remain infection free, and that the recuperation will go well, and that I can fulfil my heart’s desire and return to the nations in May 2014.

A great song has been going through my mind during this time, I learnt it as a teenager when still in the Salvation Army, these are the words:

I shall not fear though darkened cloud may gather round me

The God I serve is one who cares and understands,

Although the storms i will face would threaten to confound me,

Of this I am assured: I’m in His HANDS.


I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands;

Whate’er the future holds

I’m in His hands,

The days I cannot see, Have all beem planned for me.

His way is best you see, I’m in His hands.


What though I cannot know the way that lies before me?

I still trust and freely follow His commands;

My faith is firm since it is He that watches o’er me;

Of this I’m confident: I’m in His hands.


In days gone by my Lord has always proved sufficient,

When i have yielded to the law of love’s demands;

Why should I doubt that He would evermore be present

To make His will my will my own? I’m in His hands.

IĀ  now have access to a laptop and wifi so please feel free to message me, I nwill alsoi continue my blogsĀ  on staying fresh and flourishing. God bless you all.