13 November 2013


By John Ollis

We have all heard the story of the teenager who said “my parents don’t know anything” and when he gets into his twenties he says, “my  parents have  sure learnt a lot in the last few years”.  Who had done the learning ?????

When we graduate from Bible College or Seminary, many think they “know it all” and the attitude is “Look out world here I come”. Believing they are the next Billy Graham who is going to save the world.

When it comes to Biblical and spiritual truth, it is one thing to understand it with your mind, it sure is a very different thing to understand it in your spirit. Unless there is that 18 inch drop from head to heart in reality we really don’t know what we are talking about. Interestingly too, we often think we really understood it but have had to re-learn the truth numerous times, or to put it another way, we start to realise that spiritual truth is progressive and  I wonder whether we will fully understand it this side of eternity.

I have now known the Lord for over 62 years, received my call to ministry when I was 14 years old. I have been a minister nearly 50 years, and feel in some ways I know less today that I did years ago.

The role of a Mentor is to try and assist the Mentoree to understand truth by revelation and perhaps save the person from many pitfalls, failures and disappointments. I guess in life sadly we need to learn some things the hard way, but if through these lessons I have learnt, you too can learn then I will God all the glory.

A true Mentor always wants to see the one he invests in to go further and deeper and be  more effective and more fruitful in every way.

So over the next few weeks, I will share some lessons with you which I trust will be a blessing and challenge to you.

On a personal note, thank you for all your prayers recently, the pain has started to recede. The various specialists I have met with of late have said, it is expected, it will plateau and recede. That was so encouraging to hear. My goal is that by Christmas I will be walking without any aids at all. Please pray with me that this will come to pass.

For your interest we are having a week’s holiday starting Friday on the coast, we feel we need a good break. I preach again on Sunday 8th December. I plan to preach on “Lord revive us again”.

Please drop me a line and being me up to date with your life.