23 January 2014


By John Ollis

Our next defect is a marred face (NKJV) or flat nose (KJV) Lev.21.18.

How did a priest get a flat nose ? Did he walk into something ? Was it caused when he passed through the birth canal ? I really don’t think they had bare knuckle boxing in those days. Again it seems like a defect that the priest had no control over.

What do we do with our nose ? we smell. I would thinkT his ability to smell would be greatly effected because of the flattened nose.

What does this mean spiritually ?? Just as we are born with 5 natural senses as believers we must develop our 5 spiritual; senses.

1. Hearing  We must learn to hear the voice of God speaking to us through the Word and in our spirit.

2. Seeing We must learn to see in the Spirit and discern what the Lord wants us to see and know.

3.Tasting We must develop a ravenous appetite for the Word of God and enjoy consuming it.

4. Touching We must learn to reach out and touch the Lord (daily) as he passes by.

5. Smelling We must discern and appreciate the fragrance of the presence of God.

When we are born again intuitively we should experience for the first time the conscious presence of God. Sadly many Christians do not develop this spiritual sense.

Sometimes we lose the presence of God because of sin, and we are like a boat without a rudder just going around in circles. I think sometimes the Lord may withdraw his conscious presence so that we walk by faith. But the DAILY NORMAL experience for the Christian as Jesus promised (Matt 28.20) is to be aware of His sweet presence within.

Sadly, some believers only become aware of the Lord’s presence in church is a awesome time of worship..


Years ago we sang a chorus “His Name is as ointment poured forth” There is a precious fragrance we can experience as we walk with the Lord. I of course DO NOT mean a literal fragrance but something that is spiritually discerned.

How is your nose this morning ? Many people pay plastic surgeons thousands of dollars to get a “nose job” Jesus wants to give you the perfect spiritual nose for you  to constantly be aware of His presence, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Remember, we “Have not because we ask not” Ask the Lord this morning, if there is anything or any reason why you are not fully experiencing the presence of God in your life and  for Him to deal with it once and for all.

Perhaps in the past you were more aware of the Lord’s presence, and have just put up for some time with not knowing it.

Jesus wants to heal your nose today so that His sweet presence constantly fills your life, and not just for yourself. I trust you can think of people you have fellowshipped with that when they left they left they left  something. What was it ? THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

Lord help us to have “perfect” noses to know and carry His presence wherever we go AMEN.

Living, carrying and walking in His presence will make 2014 a GREAT YEAR.