9 June 2014


By John Ollis

The last three blogs have meant to make you smile, but I trust also to make  think. Relative to:


Sadly,  in this day of mega churches and using business  management concepts in church life, we can easily start looking for Leaders who have what appears to be lots of natural abilities, you may remember me saying previously that before I would talk to a student about leadership I would make sure that their spiritual foundations were strong. Judas may have had lots of natural gifts and talents but he sure wasn’t leadership material until those heart issues had been dealt with. it is also encouraging that the lord takes the “nobodies” of this world, like you and me, and can raise us up to do great things for Him.


Sadly, at every level of church life we have square pegs in round holes, people fulfilling a function in church life, that they were never called to fulfil. Again, mentoring is all about helping the mentoree to recoginise his particular gifts and talents so that they can be most effective in their service for the Lord.Let us not  have frustrated unfulfilled people serving in our church, but believers who truly enjoy their serving in the local church. Do you know people who are frustrated and unfulfilled, what about yourself, do you feel at times like a square peg in a round hole, just because something needs to be done, let us not just look for anyone to the job but seriously look for that person with the particular gifts and talents to do it.


In too many churches there is a mindset that the Senior Pastor is literally a Superman who is capable of fulfilling every aspect of ministry life. Every ministry has particular strengths and weaknesses (and I believe this is God’s plan) and both the Pastor and the church needs to recognise this.  We will see over these next few blogs that Leadership in the local church is plural, that is, not one person is to be the be all and know all leader, but in a team with different people with different gifts and talents working together to get the job done for the honour and glory of God.

Do you get disappointed when your Leader doesn’t come up to what you expect ? maybe your concept of a leader is wrong, and you are expecting certain results that this leader cannot fulfil.

May I remind you that the Trinity is a plural team, each fulfilling their specific ministries, A married couple is also a team each with specific tasks and roles to fulfil, Many marriages get out of order because the team captains are not fulfilling their role.

I do trust these leadership blogs will challenge your thinking, and the end result will be that you truly find your place of ministry and do it with all your heart.