17 March 2015


By John Ollis

I unashamedly say I am committed to “Restoration Theology” which simply means that all that God had given to His people and was lost because of sin and backsliding He is restoring to His church even up to this day. I am so glad I am alive today and not for example in the 13th century when the church was enveloped by the Dark Ages and basically every Biblical truth was lost or so enshrouded in liturgy and tradition you could not discern it.
I thank God for the ministry of men like Kevin J. Conner whose ministry has had a profound effect on my life and ministry. He is a world recognised Bible teacher who has written over 40 books on many Biblical and Theological subjects. So much that you will read here, will be very much gleaned from his writings, and others in the Body of Christ.

  1. Truth               Heb. 6:1-3, 1 John 1:7, Isaiah 58:12, John 14:6
  2. Ministries        Eph. 4: 9-12,
  3. People             Jer. 31:10, Psalm 23:3,Galatians 6:1
  4. Worship           Jer. 31:12, Psalm 102:16-20, Heb. 13:15-16, Acts 15: 16-17
  5. Paths               Isaiah 58:12, Job 24:2, Jer. 31:21, Isaiah 30:21
  6. Years               Joel 2:25, Haggai 2:9
  7. Kingdom          Matthew 5:6-7,Matt. 6:33, Rom.14:17, 1 Cor. 15:24, Psalm 145 :13

During the Dark Ages, the Scriptures were not available to the individual believer, the scrolls were locked away in Seminaries and Monasteries, so the very first thing that had to be restored was the Word of God. God raised up some great men, like John Huss, John Wycliffe and Jerome Savanarola to see the scriptures were translated and printed and made available to the common people.
With the Word of God becoming available especially through printing so many truths were at last began to be restored to the Body of Christ  such as:
Justification by Faith
Water Baptism
Priesthood of all Believers
Divine Healing
The Spirit filled life and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Praise & Worship and the Tabernacle of David
Fresh emphasis has come in these last 40 years:
On being set free from demonic powers
The Power of Confession
The Grace of God
And the list could go on.
Sadly, there were some negative reactions.
The previous group often rejected the restored Truth, and people were even killed for teaching the truth.
The new group often centred all their emphasis on their particular “restored truth” and everything got out of balance.
All truth has its basis in the Word of God, and we need to know clearly all the Word teaches so we keep the “restored truth” in balance.
Everyone of the above truths have been (and are) being taking to extreme, and has caused many people to shipwreck their lives. Remember BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE.
But saying all that, I am glad to be alive in 2015 and be a partaker of all these wonderful truths,
The question is “Has God completed His restoration of truth”? Although all Truth is in the Word of God, there is a timing in God when the full restoration comes. I sincerely believe God IS still restoring truth to His church. I think we will get a much clearer understanding for example of “Second Coming” Truth. We have been taught all the various Eschatological Schools, all supposedly based on the Word of God, despite the fact the Schools disagree with each OTHER. There is no doubt we are definitely living in the “End Times” and we desperately need a clearer understanding of the Lord’s soon return so we can be prepared and also busy in His Kingdom.
I don’t want this blog to end up being negative, but I want to zero in on 2 awesome aspects of Truth.

  1. The Priesthood of all believers.

What a glorious truth, that we personally have access into the awesome presence of God at any time and bring our petitions to the Lord, without needing a mediator.The extreme of this teaching is that every Believer is equal in function in the Body of Christ, so for example, if I don’t like the Pastor’s vision and what he is doing I can strongly stand against it. The Scriptures teach Plurality of leadership and if the Pastor works closely with his leadership (there is wisdom in the team)  we need to fully support the leader. This exreme position is hindering the growth and blessing in many churches.

  1. The Tabernacle of David and Praise and Worship.

James at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) prophesied that David’s Tabernacle would be restored. King David on bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem introduced a totally new form of worship to replace what took place in Moses’ Tabernacle.
In the late 1940’s this truth was wonderfully restored emphasising afresh things such as:

  1. The Ministry of Singers and Singing
  2. Instruments of Music
  3. Priests ministering before the Ark
  4. Recording of songs
  5. Thanking
  6. Praise
  7. Psalm Singing
  8. Rejoicing & Joy
  9. Clapping
  10. Shouting
  11. Dancing
  12. Lifting up Hands
  13. ‘Worship-Access-Bowing
  14. Seeking the Lord
  15. Spiritual Sacrifices
  16. Standing before the Lord
  17. Kneeling before the Lord
  18. Amen (in blessing)

There are of course many scriptures I can give you for these truths.
It was this area of truth that stirred my heart to write this blog, let me tell you why.  In 1976 my congregation sent me around the world for a month, to see some prominent churches. As a church we had embraced the truth and practice of Praise & Worship, and had seen the church grow from 40 to 200 people in a very short time. At one church in Los Angeles, the Pastor said to me in passing “Worship is just a passing phase” I felt as if a knife had been put in me, but sadly what he said has come to pass in  most places today. In the mid 70’s and 80”s in the Charismatic Church in Australia there was an awesome tide of worship which literally took you into the Heavenlies. Then there came emphases on “excellence” of the Singer & Musician’s voice and playing, so their concentration became more on their voice and instrument,  and many congregations became mere spectators and not participators in the worship.
When you have tasted of Spirit filled worship you can never be satisfied with anything less. My prayer is that a FRESH EMPHASIS on Praise & Worship would come to the Church. Remember Jesus said “The Father is seeking WORSHIPPERS, (not Praisers). We are going to spend eternity in heaven in worship to our glorious God and Saviour. I think some Christians initially are going to feel out of place in heaven because they were not worshippers here on earth.
I sincerely Thank God for the excellent teaching of one of my Mentors Kevin Conner of Melbourne who’s teaching notes I have made reference too in this blog. He has written over 40 books, all of which I would recommend you consider purchasing. He has a whole book on “The Tabernacle of David” and I have referred to his text “Restoration Theology” (recovering the Church’s truth & Glory).
The church I Pastored in the 1970’s relocated after we moved to Newcastle in 1980. I am pleased to say that another exciting church has moved into the property It is called Sydney Life Church 2 Yeo Street Neutral Bay.  The Pastor Tom Inglis is a great teacher on the subject and is a Worshipper and has a Worshipping church. Why don’t you check it out if you are in Sydney.
Remember the song I am coming back to the heart of Worship ?
When the music fades all is stripped away.
And I simply come longing just to bring
Something that’s of worth that will bless your heart
I will bring you more than a song for a song in itself
Is not what you have required, you search  much deeper within
Through the way things appear you’re looking into my heart.
I am coming back to the heart of worship, and it’s all about you
It’s all about you jesus, I am sorry fro the things I have made it
When it is all about you, it’s all about you Jesus
King of endless worth, no one could express
How much you deserve, though I am weak and poor
All I have is yours, Every single breath
I am coming back………..