2 October 2015


By John Ollis

The response from my last main blog about “living in the River” has been nothing but amazing, literally hundreds have looked at it, and many responded wanting to know more. This sort of teaching was very common in my youth as I was part of the Holiness Movement, but these days so little seems to be said about it. King David said in Psalm 65:9 (not 4) The River of God is full of water, David was prophetically speaking of the Church Age which is of also often called “the Dispensation of the Holy Spirit”.
When we make the decision that with God’s help that we will step in and seek to live in the River of God certain things are sure to happen. We are declaring I am going to learn to live the surrendered life daily, and learn to live and walk in the Spirit and live in victory and purity.
Firstly, the enemy of our souls will not be happy, and will seek to do everything to cause us to stumble. We must learn to put on the “Whole Armour of God” Ephesians 6 Paul tells us  only then can then withstand all the attacks of the evil one.
When the Lord sees the sincerity of our hearts He also will from time to time brings things to bear through situations that will come into our lives to deepen the work of grace in us.
In the same Psalm in verses 10-12  NKJV King David talks about this.
For you God has tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined. You brought us into the net; You laid affliction on our backs. You have caused men to ride over our heads; We went through fire and  through water ; But You brought us out to rich FULFILLMENT.
In Malachi 3:2 the prophet describes God as a “Refining fire”.
Personally, these past three years has been a refining fire for me. God is not the source of sickness and pain, but He permits it for a purpose (Our spiritual fulfilment). I quickly affirmed that God is sovereign in my life and that ALL things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28. David talks about being caught in the net, people riding over our heads, going through fire and water, and all these things coming from God’s hand.
Do you know how precious metals are purified ? I understand the raw metal is put in a vat, and heat is applied, and slowly rubbish (muck) comes to the surface and the goldsmith/silversmith  takes a muck rake and scoops the muck away, then more heat is applied and more muck comes to the surface and again the muck is removed. How does the smith know when the metal is pure ? When he can see his face reflected in the precious metal.
What is our challenge ? Bad things happen to good people, God brings many different types of pressure to bear, some call it “the dealings of God”. We can either react, and step out of the River, or respond recognising God is using this painful experience to make us more like Jesus. God’s plan is that we are changed into the very likeness of Jesus.
Paul speaks of the “circumcision of the heart”  where God cuts away the fleshly things in our lives. We must learn to lay still on the operating table until the surgery is over. Physical circumcision is a one off, but spiritual circumcision  can happen a number of times in a believer’s life.
The only life worth living, is a life lived in the River. Yes there will be challenges,  we may fail from time to time, but do you want spiritual fulfilment ? You find it in the River. In all honesty when you have begun to live in the River, you would not want to go back. Step in this morning, Ezekiel 47:3-5 talks about water up to your ankles God giving you the ability to step in, then the water rose to his knees, you will only stay in the River, if you learn the life of prayer, then the river rose again to his waist (the loins) which must be girded with Truth, we must love the Word of God. Then the river rose again and it was rivers to swim in. Christian brother, Christian sister, don’t paddle on the shore, but launch out into the deep, you will NEVER  be the same again. Praise God.
This truth is really blessing me, is it blessing you, I would love to hear your response.