4 October 2015


By John Ollis

I have now been blogging since April 2013, within months of contracting the nasty staph. infection. It was a great outlet at the beginning, not knowing where it would take me. I have now come to see that writing these blogs (and a potential e.book) is part of this new season of ministry and in my walk with God that I am entering into.
This present series about the River, was born in my spirit simply by meditating on part of a verse in the Psalms. The response to these blogs (about the River) has been beyond my wildest dreams a further confirmation that I am where God wants me to be.
I wonder if some of you have found the last 2 blogs in the series negative ? How many of you have ever heard  preaching about the ministry of the Holy Spirit as a “Refiner’s Fire” or as a disciplining but loving Father ???? I was exposed to this teaching as a young person but in all honesty this does not seem to be preached anymore. Of course I didn’t fully understand it, you actually have to experience it before you really appreciate the teaching.
We hear so much about how our God loves us as we are (and He does praise God), but He loves us too much for us to remain unchanged. Especially when He sees us make the decision (by His Grace) to seek to live in the River then He from time to time will bring pressure to bear to so work in us to be more like Jesus. When we are not seeking to live in the River, when pressure is brought to bear we generally react, and blame the devil and simply there is no real spiritual growth as a result of our actions.
I want in the next blog (or 2) to write of some of the other exciting things we can expect when we live in the River. I have a list of things, some of which I have learnt (afresh) whilst going through my fiery furnace.
Before I begin to share I would invite you to share with me some of the things you believe you have experienced or we can experience as we live in the River.
I very much look forward to your response.