3 December 2015

PSALM 119 The power of the Word (2)

By John Ollis

Verse 12 begins with blessing  (praising and magnifying God  which we can and should do continuously), then the Psalmist prays and asks the Lord to Teach him God’s statutes. When we are born again and the Holy Spirit comes into our lives we have an “Internal Tutor” He wants to lead us into all truth, He wants to write His laws on the tablet of our heart, BUT WE MUSK ASK HIM. This is a prayer that God will quickly answer. There is also the picture of the Lord training us to be open, sensitive and obedient to the revelations he wants to give us.
Verse 13 gives us another awesome principle, when God gives us revelation, t is not just for ourselves, but it is to be shared. It may be wise in the early days of receiving truth to bounce it off your Mentor, so that you keep truth balanced in your life, sadly, too many believers have misinterpreted the Word of God, and got into bypath meadow.
Verse 14 encourages us to rejoice and be thankful for what God has shared with us, and to see it as much more important and of of much more value than all the riches in the world. Knowing this is BIBLICAL PROSPERITY.
Verse 15 reminds us to keep meditating on the truth God has given us, initially it can be like a budding rose, but them ore you meditate the more the truth opens up like a beautiful fragrant rose. The more we mediate, the more it is planted deeply in our hearts, and it will be hard to forget it.
Verse 17 indicates we need the Lord’s blessing (bounty) upon us, (as we maintain a servant heart), then we can LIVE AND KEEP God’s truth’s working in our heart, so that not for a minute will we take our eyes of the road.
Verse 18, highlights an important ministry of the holy Spirit, that of opening our eyes (and keeping our eyes open) we must go from revelation to revelation, we must continually have eye-opening experiences (I believe DAILY).
Verse 19 the Psalmist describes himself as a stranger,  what does he mean, a stranger to regular revelation, or that  he is just passing through, that the earth is not his home, he must feel that sometimes God hides His revelations from him, if this is true, maybe the Lord wants him to press him more, (ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking until the truth dawns).Surely we will appreciate God’s Word even more if we have to seriously did and seek.
Verse 20 The Psalmist says I am starved and hungry and ravenous insatiable FOR ALL YOUR COMMANDS (Message) Personally I have to pray often, “Lord increase my hunger for your Word”. How hungry are you for the meat of God’s Word.
Verses 21-23 indicates the danger of not mediating on the Word, or rejecting what the Word says, he declares “I have kept your testimonies:, even when other leaders have criticised me, I will continue to mediate on the Word.
Verse 24 again highlights DELIGHT, the joy, the pleasure, the blessing, of spending time in the Word of God, and letting the truths be your best friends and counsellors.