13 April 2016


By John Ollis

Around half of the Psalms are written by King David, and cover virtually every aspect of his life and his relationship with God.  I admire David, as although he failed the Lord, he learnt his lesson and the Bible tells us that after his confession of sin in Psalm 51 he did that which was right in the sight of God.  O that we would learn the lesson the first time, and lay hold of the grace of God so we never fail the Lord again. In the midst of pressure, persecution, problems David mentions some important keys in this Psalm that could help us in our walk with God,
Verse 8 Despite all the challenges of life the Lord leads us into :
A wide place (NKJV)
A safe place (New Living)
A room to breathe place (Message)
A broad place (Amp)
A large place (KJV)
A spacious place (N.I.V.)
These different translations so clearly describe the place  of abundance and blessing the Lord wants to lead us too if we obey His Word.
Verse 15 David declares “My times are in Your hand”
My future is in Your hands (New Living)
Hour by hour I place my days in Your hands (Message)
David had a revelation of the Sovereignty of God, he knew God was in control (despite all his adversaries) and that “all things were working together for good” Rom.8:28. Unless we are convinced that GOD IS IN CONTROL we could shipwreck our lives.
Verse 23 David reminds us that “the Lord preserves the faithful”
He protects the faithful (those who are loyal to Him) (New Living)..
God takes care  of all those who stay close to Him (Message)
Here is a promise that requires our responsibility to be faithful, We must realise without Him WE CAN DO NOTHING, but with Him……..



So many of God’s people “visit” the presence of God, we MUST learn to live in His presence. We must make that choice EVERY DAY ‘I will live and walk in His presence”

As a young man I came to love a beautiful hymn written by the late General Albert Osborn of the Salvation Army, that expresses this truth so beautifully.

In the secret of Thy presence where the pure in heart may dwell,

Are the springs of sacred service and a power that none can tell,

There my love must bring its offering, there my heart must yield its praise,

And the Lord will come revealing, all the secrets of His ways.


In the secret of Thy presence, in the hiding of Thy power,

Let me love Thee, let me serve Thee, every consecrated hour.

More than all my lips may utter, more than all I do or bring

Is the depth of my devotion, to my Saviour, Lord and King,

Nothing less will keep me tender, nothing less will keep me true,

Nothing less will keep the fragrance, and the bloom on all I do.

Blessed Lord, to see Thee truly, then to tell as I have seen,

This shall rule my life supremely, this shall be the sacred gleam,

Sealed again, is all the sealing, pledged again my willing heart,

First to know Thee, then to serve Thee, then to see Thee as Thou art.

Let this be the prayer of our heart, this is what God wants as the NORM for our lives, may we learn to live in the SECRET OF HIS PRESENCE Amen.