6 May 2016

PSALM 42:1

By John Ollis

Have you ever ben so thirsty that you felt you would suffer from dehydration? I guess that is what you would call desperation to get fluids into your body, The Psalmist here is speaking of a holy positive desperation. If we want a glass of water we just have to get a glass and go to  tap. But the deer  may have to walk maybe miles to find a stream  to slake his thirst. On a hot day by the time he gets to stream he is panting so wanting a drink.
The Psalmist says  here this is how he feels about God, He is positively desperate to drink of the waters of life. I had to ask myself this morning this question “am I that thirsty for God”? Sadly I have to say it is not always like that,  I made a practice years ago to regularly pray, “Lord increase my hunger and thirst for you”. James tells us “we have not because ask not”  so I unashamedly ask the Lord to increase my thirst for him, and a greater hunger for His Word. This is a prayer that He will surely answer.
I remember as a young man a lady said to me, when you get desperate you will know more of God in your life. Her words have been so true in my life, the reality is, most of us need all the help we can help to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. It is the Holy Spirit who draws us to God, BUT WE MUST BE WILLING. The Holy Spirit will not violate our will, I am so glad He knows our heart, and he knows that deep down we do want to have a greater thirst and hunger for Him. and he will challenge our laziness, and lukewarm responses.
Bill Hybels wrote a book “Too busy to pray” that is also a dangerous place to be in, we MUST never be too busy to pray, God is far more concerned with our relationship with Him that what we do for Him. Let us never believe that works will please the Lord, UNLESS IT IS FLOWING OUT A HEART THAT IS HUNGRY AND THIRSTY FOR HIM.
Let me encourage you to sit quietly in the Lord’s presence, meditate on His mercies, His goodness and faithfulness to us, in other words COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS NAME THEM TON BY TON. Then ask the Lord to increase your spiritual hunger and thirst for Him, you may be surprised just how much you start and pant for Him.
Have a blessed time in Father’s House this weekend.