16 July 2016


By John Ollis

Psalm 40:3 tells us “He has put a new song in my mouth, many will see it and fear and will trust in the Lord. NKJV.
I guess we need to start with the question “Do you have a new song in your heart?  David indicates a true song comes from God, we can feel happy for much of the time because of external factors, but when God puts a new song in our heart its roots are deeper and can be permanent. It is not just for ourselves, “many shall SEE the song and fear and trust in the Lord”.
Most people are envious of Christians because of the song and joy that is in their hearts, and some will even acknowledge that is  because God is in the heart of the believer.


It is the song of the soul set free

It is the song of the blood washed

It is the song of one who knows they have eternal life now

It is the song of one who counts their blessings

It is the song of one walking in the will of God (Psalm 40:8)

The song of one who walks in and declares God’s righteousness in their hearts (Psalm 40:9-10)

The song of one who appreciates God’s wondrous works (Psalm 40: 5)

The song of one who knows God is thinking about him (Psalm 40:5)

A song that causes us to shout (Psalm 95:1)

A song that causes thanksgiving to rise in our hearts (Psalm 95:2)

A song that causes us to bow down in worship (Psalm 95:6)

A song that gives ALL the glory to God (Psalm 96:8)

A song that recognises God is reigning and in control (Psalm 96:10)

A song because we know He is coming again (Psalm 96:13)

These are just a few reasons why we have a song. No doubt we must regularly sit down and meditate on these awesome truths, and the song will bubble up and consume us.

My word of exhortation to you today is to sit down, and mediate on these verses in Psalms 40,95 & 96, and I guarantee the song will rise and bubble up out of your spirit.

We know that if we simply look at the things we can see and touch  and feel, these things will rob us of this joy, we need to lift our eyes a little higher and see things from God’s perspective.

I am reminded of a statement made by the wisest man in the world Solomon Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart does good like a medicine.  The joy of the Lord is better than any medicine, many people are slowly killing themselves because instead of joy there is bitterness and unforgiveness in their in their hearts.

Nehemiah 8:10 reminds us that the “Joy of the Lord is our strength” you want strength and vitality in your spirit, let the new song and joy fill your heart.

Paul tells us, that JOY is a fruit of the Spirit (and there is no law against it). So we must make a decision that we will live and walk in the Spirit, and seek not to do anything that will rob us of the song and the joy of the Lord in our hearts.

When the law was passed in the U.S.A. that released the slaves from their slavery, many could not believe it, and died still with a bondage mentality. We must believe God’s Word. God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Let it become a Rhema word to your heart.

Part of our inheritance as a born again believer is that we can continually enjoy the new song and joy of the Lord, it is written in the will, it is time we believed it, and walked in it.

Just like a Lawyer, as a Servant of God, I am reading out a small portion of the will today, and your name is written clearly over this glorious promise, embrace it and enjoy it, it will change your life.

It is Saturday here, prepare your heart to share your joy tomorrow in church with your  fellow believers, heaven will come down and glory will fill your soul, it may even set your feet to dancing and your mouth to shouting before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Let me hear from you, that this blog has been a blessing to you, as it has been to me to write it.