24 August 2016


By John Ollis

King David in Psalm 122:6 challenges us to CONSTANTLY

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper who love you.

For some years now, daily, I seek to fulfil this command, and not only pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but for the state of Israel.

I have had the privilege of visiting the “Holy Land” on three occasions, sadly the last time was 32 years ago. As I would walk around, the song would come to me, “I walk today where Jesus walked. When the Scottish cannot explain something they say “it is better felt than telt” and that is what I feel about Jerusalem and the Jewish people, I believe that when we are born again the Holy Spirit puts a love in our hearts for Jews. I unashamedly say I love the Jews and the land, I can’t fully explain it but I do.

Throughout history the Jews have faced persecution, expulsion from lands, mass slaughter in the Eastern European pogroms, and holocaust, and within days of Israel being declared a nation, the Arab nations waged war against them, and they lost, God was and is protecting the Jewish people, the Arabs have done this numerous times and failed each time, now two of these nations Jordan and Egypt have diplomatic connections with the state of Israel. The Bible tells us that there are still more battles and wars to be fought regarding the Jews, that is why we must continually pray for the “peace of Jerusalem” and for the nation.

Even though Israel is a secular nation, where some statistics suggests 50% of the Jewish population is atheistic in its thinking it is the only Middle Eastern nation where there is complete religious freedom., including the development of Messianic assemblies  where Jews are coming and attending and responding to Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

The Apostle Paul declared that in Romans 11:26 “that all Israel shall be saved”  quoting Isaiah 59:20-21, but in Romans 9:6 Paul also states that “they are not all Israel who are Israel”. We know there are not two Gospels, but if we are living in the last generation then those who are truly Jews will look on the crucified Messiah and declare Him to be the Lord of their lives. I trust I will be alive to see that awesome day.

The above is simply and expression of my heart towards the Jewish people, some readers will disagree with some of my comments, others would like a theological treatise on the topic, I am keeping it simple as I see it. Despite our differing viewpoints let us: