18 October 2016


By John Ollis

This blog is going to be very much a personal preference blog, I guess all blogs express a preference, in this one I think I will be very much in the minority. A ministry colleague made a statement to me this week as we chatted on FB that really made me think. Many of my readers will know I have been involved in S.E. Asia for  40 years. On my very first visit I heard about a European missionary serving in this particular Muslim country I was in, he served there for a number of years and then returned to his home country, and like myself regularly returns to the region for teaching and preaching. In the 40 years, our paths have never crossed, except through Facebook, we have many friends in common, must be of a similar age, and very much the same viewpoint on most important things. We are part of the same denomination (fellowship of churches) in our countries. I made the comment on FB that, our denomination here in Australia is unrecognisable today to the movement I was brought up in, I conceded there needed to be some adjustments but not the radical changes that have taken place. The denomination was born as a result of a move of the Holy Spirit across the world, and very much built on the Word of God and the Person and power of the Holy Spirit and promoted holiness and victorious living. It tended to be legalistic and inward looking and these and other areas needed the adjustments I mentioned. My colleague said it has been the same in his country, the denomination needed:


If he had said a heart transplant I would have shouted from the rooftops Hallelujah, but my heart ached at the sad truth of the statement.

Most would say, look at the tremendous growth, the hundreds of new churches that have been raised up, and this is true, I was taught in Bible College as a student, and I personally always have taught:


In many of these new churches:

There are constant “decisions being made, but little emphasis on REPENTANCE

There is very little Biblical Discipleship

There is little emphasis on being filled with the Holy Spirit and receiving a prayer language.

There is little emphasis on Holiness and victorious living, which surely must include Christian lifestyle, as swearing and drinking alcohol is a common feature of many who attend contemporary churches. The ‘legalism” of our youth was at least based on the Word of God, sadly it may not have always been communicated in a positive way.

“Worship” is very often a spectator activity, where we were brought up on the congregation participating in the worship.

Sadly, there is also very little good Biblical preaching, to feed and encourage the saints (much application but little interpretation).

Many who read this will react to the above, and say John Ollis, is “old fashioned” not willing to change etc. Not true, I long for a genuine revival amongst God’s people.


Reading and meditating on the Word of God

A Daily Quiet Time

A pursuit of holiness and victorious living

A love for the lost

A love for the Jews and Israel

I refuse to have a “remnant” mentality, I want to believe before Jesus breaks through the clouds that there would a precious move of the Spirit in the Church, and that believers everywhere would return to the “old paths” and live and walk and move in the power of the Spirit. I want to be a part of the glorious Church that Jesus will present to Himself  that is “without spot, or  wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be without blemish Eph. 5:27Amen.

Please hear my heart today, I am not against being contemporary (methods change) but I want to take a stand against COMPROMISE. Standing for truth may be costly, may I know the grace of God to ever walk in and speak the truth.

If anything I have said requires clarification, please feel free to write and comment.