6 April 2017


By John Ollis


We were driving down the highway returning home a few weeks ago after having a few days away when I became aware a stone flew up and hit the car, I wasn’t sure where it hit, but a few days later realised it had hit the windscreen, right down in the left had bottom corner. I initially wasn’t concerned, but then noticed the tell- tale crack that had developed and was heading directly for my side of the car, and right in the centre of my vision.


I googled windscreen repairs for my area, and went to visit the place advertised. He looked at it and firstly said it is a BULLSEYE crack, (I found out later because of the shape) and it was too large to repair, and I would need to get the windscreen replaced. I am now $400+ poorer because of a simple stone chip.


I then started to think about what we read in Ephesians 6, about the need to put on whole armour of God so we can stand against the WILES & FIERY DARTS of the wicked one. We will not be tempted to rob a bank or commit adultery, but often disregard the “stone chips” that he would throw at us (like I initially disregarded the stone chip to my windscreen), like greed, pride and lust. The enemy knows he can hit the bullseye, often not by a direct confrontation, but by a simple stone chip, and if we disregard it, it will effect our vision and focus.


The fact is that life is full of “stone chip” situations, and I want to encourage you and remind you, not to disregard often these minor “chips” because they can subtly begin to obscure your vision and focus.


Here is an important key to deal with these “chips.


James 4:7 NKJV SUBMIT to God, RESIST the devil, and he will FLEE from you.


So let God work His will in you, yell a loud NO to the devil and watch him scamper  MESSAGE


1.      We must learn to live continually the surrendered life (Rom.12:1)


2.      We must learn to resist, laying hold of the keys God has given us,


(a)    The blood of Jesus


(b)   The Name of Jesus


(c)    The Sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God


(d)   Use our prayer language


(e)   Live in the light of Christ’s soon return 1 John 3:2-3


3.      See the enemy run away,


Let us be aware of the “stone chips” and how to quickly deal with them.