23 October 2017


By John Ollis

Because of my commitment to Biblical Discipleship I have taught much on personal prayer and Daily Quiet time as being an essential part of every Believer’s lifestyle. As I was personally never Discipled, I have had to search the Scriptures and learn the hard way to develop a balanced prayer life.
I thank God for the ever deepening intimacy that has come over the 66 years I have been born again, to be brutally honest of course, there  has been many times in the past, where my prayer life has been inconsistent and a struggle.  Of the EIGHT ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS TO DAILY PRAYER there is the ingredient of INTERCESSION, which is of course simply  praying for others. I have recommended writing out a “Prayer List” so one does not forget the persons or matters we need to remember to pray for.
I have written a lot recently how for some months I was praying and asking the Lord to give me another ministry to replace my Teaching & Preaching ministry which has had to come to an end because of my age and health.  There was not a quick answer, but months of often frustrating praying until the Lord clearly led me into INTERCESSORY MINISTRY. WE know that when we pray about a matter the Lord will (eventually) answer with a YES or NO, or NOT YET, or will answer in a different and wonderful way.
I want to share today about what I am learning about INTERCESSORY MINISTRY.
Firstly, it is a GROWING MINISTRY, I began with a small list of ministries to pray for, and sometimes daily but definitely weekly the Lord has added more and more ministries to the list, I guess it is close to 100 ministries at this time from over 20 nations that I am relating too in prayer. As I have said previously, some are past students, others old friends, and many others, contacted me asking for prayer support.
It is a FRUITFUL MINISTRY, in that God is CONSTANTLY answering prayer. When we pray for ourselves many times the answer does not come quickly, but when we pray for others, God awesomely answers prayer, and now almost DAILY I am receiving reports of people being saved, and baptized, and healed, and many other miracles of different kinds. I cannot help but stand and SHOUT & PRAISE  the Lord for His goodness and blessing.
Let me say right now, it is NOT  the power and effectiveness of my prayers it is the awesome response of a LOVING GOD, to prayer and the needs all around the world, and we thank God for the signs that follow the ANOINTED PREACHING OF GOD’S WORD.
One of my favourite Scriptures on prayer is found in James 4:2  YOU DO NOT HAVE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT ASK NKJV,  AND Jesus so strongly reminds us in Matt. 7:7
ASK (and keep on asking), SEEK (and keep on seeking), KNOCK (and keep on knocking) AND IT WILL BE OPENED TO YOU, NKJV & AMP. Matt.7:7
I wanted to update you with all the exciting things (to me) that is happening
So with the Lord’s help and grace I will persistently seek the Lord, through Intercessory Prayer, and se the Lord move in a mighty way and see His Kingdom extended and His Name glorified.