6 July 2018


By John Ollis


I will never forget the vision God put in my heart at the airport at Hyderabad in January 1985 thirty three and a half years ago at the times of writing, that Jesus Christ is Lord of all the earth. The Word of God proclaims it, and it is wonderful when it comes as a Rhema Word to your heart.
As my Missions Ministry has been predominantly in Asia, and the difficulty of one’s mind taking in every nation of the world, my dream and vision relates very much to East Asia  and the many ministries I have  for years connected with and  continue  to relate  and pray for too right up until this very day.
Many Australians look with fear at China because of it’s massive growth and  economic develop, and now its encroachment into the South China Sea, and the associated islands. This does not concern me much, but I do look at the fast growing church in that nation, statistics would suggest the church there will be greater than the U.S.A. soon, and therefore the largest Christian Church in the world. I took a train out of Hong Kong one day, and went to a nearby Economic Zone in China, just to simply be able to say I have entered China.
I am praying that the Church in China which has so grown because of prayer and persecution will not only have a vision of “Back to Jerusalem” but will give serious thought to its three “daughters” Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan and believe that the “River of revival” will flow into these Islands and onto the rest of East Asia.
Again you will have read of my experience in Northern Thailand as I looked into Myanmar and the burden that came for  that nation plus the burden that dramatically increased on my return home for the three Indo China nations of Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. I see by  faith and  in the Spirit a river beginning to flow from China, and touching these four nations so crippled for many hundreds of years by Buddhism and Communistic type governments. There are regular reports of increased blessing in these for nations, may it continue.
I am in regular contact with Ministries in all these four nations, and even in Laos and Vietnam which is officially closed to Missions there is an increasing tide of blessing.
Right in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mei I have a spiritual son, who is building a great work for God, (in the North of Thailand almost 1% are Christian, only half % in the rest of the nation, I see the river flowing, and God using His servants  (again some dear friends I pray daily for) in Bangkok, and onto Pattaya & Phuket and into the South where there are growing churches (despite the additional problem of Muslims in this area). If the once Buddhist nation of South Korea which is now at least 50% Christian can see revival, so can Thailand, and millions of blind Thai eyes are going to be opened to Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour of mankind.
I see the river flowing into Malaysia, another dear brother I pray for daily lives in Sitiawan in the North  is building a great work for God. There has been tremendous answers to prayer in this nation. One political party has held sway since independence were defeated after much concentrated prayer,(over a number of years including 24 hour prayer meetings) and the positive signs for the Church and the nation are  exciting and encouraging. I see the river flowing down to Kuala Lumpur/Petayling Jaya where many dear friends are serving the Lord and believing for revival. Then onto Seramban and Melaka where I again have some very dear friends who are building great churches for the Lord. Then onto Singapore (the Antioch of Asia) our second home, there are a number of brothers I am praying for daily who are longing to plunge into the river.
Then the river is flowing and increasing in the nation of Indonesia, and many Javanese & Sumatrans and Chinese and every other ethnic group are coming to Christ. Indonesia may have the largest Muslim population within its borders, but the nation’s constitution gives perfect liberty to every Christian group and the signs are everywhere of the blessing and increase of the Lord upon the nation.
Then onto the largest Island nation in the world AUSTRALIA,it was prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth that we would be the last nation to see revival. It isn’t apparent yet, but I see it in the Spirit, the river of revival will flow across our great nation. Australia is virtually the uttermost parts of the world from Jerusalem, but it will happen, I trust I will be alive to see it and be a part of it. If that is not in the Lord’s plan then I will every day until my dying breath be praying and declaring  this last day outpouring that will cause millions of Australians to bow the knee and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord Amen