14 July 2018


By John Ollis


I can sincerely say that if it wasn’t for the influence and impact of numerous people over the years I do not believe I would have accomplished much in the  Kingdom of God. Right from day one of our marriage, Margaret has supported and encouraged and prayed for me and my ministry, she has been and continues to be the most important person in my life, as in every life there are highs and lows, and Margaret has always been the strength that I needed. When it came to taking a stand for truth again it was always Margaret who was there to urge me to stand strong, despite the criticism from one’s peers.
I mentioned sometime ago in a blog about the Education Officer (Academic Dean) Milford McPherson at The Salvation Army College, interestingly his daughter somehow read my blog and contacted me and we had a lovely chat. It is 56 years since I met this man, previously a missionary in India & Ceylon (Sri Lanka) his Godly Holy life so impressed me I look forward to meeting him in heaven.
When we Pastored in the Blue Mountains, I met a cadet (Ministry student) in 1972 who was doing his practical training at the local Salvation Army corps. We lost contact for a while then reconnected over 25 years ago and have maintained a precious relationship since that time. James Condon (now retired) has blessed me like Milford McPherson with his Godly Holy Life, and I thank God for the privilege of knowing him.
Whilst Pastoring in the Blue Mountains before moving to Sydney I was elected the State Secretary of our denomination, and became very conscious of the need to toe the “party line”, (or was it simply the “fear of man”) so when we moved to Sydney, at the height of the Charismatic Renewal, I wanted to be involved in it, but was so conscious of my peers, I needed someone who would so impact my life by their teaching and ministry and life, that would give me the courage to take a stand for truth. I had heard a lot about a certain Australian man, mostly negative including the statement that he was a “heretic”. We met at a Christmas Camp in New Zealand at the end of 1978 and this started (initially slowly) a relationship that perhaps more than any other ministry so impacted my life and ministry. The Lord also used us in an awesome way in the area of Praise & Worship, especially through the understanding of the Restoration of David’s Tabernacle, the Lord used a lovely New Zealand couple Mike & Viv Hibbert  who’s teaching and ministry impacted us so much.
God had sent us to the largest city in Australia, and the more I had the courage to stand for truth, the more we saw the blessing and goodness of God upon our lives and ministries.
The Lord then moved us on to one of the largest regional cities and areas in New South Wales, and on his return to Australia in 1981 Kevin Conner and began to connect and relate more. His teaching has so impacted my life, and the more I responded to it personally and in the church, we saw massive growth and blessing. Sadly Kevin is now very old and in very poor health, but his teaching in over 40 books is still impacting the Christian world today.
The Lord sure knew what he was doing, when He then sent us into Bible College Ministry, and I could share some of the truths that had been imparted to me.
There have been many exquisite Preachers and Teachers that have impacted my life, but I highlight these  Brothers and Sister, and thank God for them, I am sure in eternity past God had it all planned, and I simply say THANK YOU LORD.