6 April 2019


By John Ollis

Why did the developing church many hundred of years ago create the various seasons in the church program (like Lent & Advent for example)? As I was saved in an Evangelical (non liturgical) church, I had no idea, I assumed that as the church got older it started to get COLDER, and that some sort of structure and order needed to be developed. Now I have a better understanding of Church History, I would suggest that may have been at least part of the reason why, but I have come to see these seasons were especially created to give Believers time to reflect on such things as the birth of Jesus, and especially His death & Resurrection & Ascension. The hymn writer wrote TELL ME THE STORY OFTEN FOR I FORGET SO SOON. Let us not be forgetful (or take His blessings for granted), let us start to REFLECT & MEDITATE AND MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.

I guess life could get busy hundreds of years ago with employment and family etc. and Believers needed to be reminded to slow down “and smell the roses”. We are now over half way through Lent, it is just 13 days to Good Friday, on that day even though it is called “Good” Friday some Liturgical churches promote a sad and gloomy day as part of the all that led up to that day. We cannot comprehend the pain and suffering that Jesus experienced that one sense began when He was but a boy and told His earthly parents he must be about His” Father’s business”, dramatically it really began in the Garden of Gethsemane when the burden of the sins of mankind began to be laid on Jesus, then His beating, and then the Crucifixion, and feeling that His Father had deserted Him. We understand that God’s wrath against mankind’s sins had to be atoned for, and that innocent sinless blood had to be shed. So it is good for us, over many days (in a sense constantly throughout our lives) to reflect on all that Jesus did for us on the Cross. We know how much sinning we had done (pre and post conversion) and multiply that billions of times all mankind had sinned and adding God’s wrath and placing it all on Jesus, it should cause us to bow before the Lord in utter humility and feeling so undeserved of the Father’s love to us. Although totally undeserved we have been declared NOT GUILTY, this should cause us to want to maintain an attitude of constant REPENTANCE continually turning away from sin, and having a constant change of mind and attitude, a change of affection (loving the Lord more) and a change of direction even more towards the Lord.

We have not only received forgiveness, for our past sins, but continued forgiveness for our present failings. We also need to meditate on the ADDITIONAL BENEFITS that comes to us from Christ’s death on the Cross, in that He has made available to us ALL THINGS PERTAINING TO LIFE AND GODLINESS. 2 Peter 1:3. Through the Cross we can live above sin, not that we cannot sin, but we need not sin. Can I suggest you re-read my blog “Before the world began” and meditate on the fact that, in eternity past Jesus died for us, He chose us, He knows our name for it is engraved in the palm of His hand Isaiah 49:16, and that we ARE NOT JUST CONQUERERS BUT MORE THAN CONQUERERS THROUGH HIM. Romans 8:37.

We have also received the GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE, knowing we will spend all ETERNITY IN HEAVEN.

If life could be busy hundreds of years ago, how much busier we are in the 21st century, (and all the time that seems to be needed to be spent on social media) and although we may not part of a Liturgical church, we must DISCIPLINE ourselves TO MAKE TIME TO REFLECT AND MEDITATE on God’s SO GREAT SALVATION.

May I recommend to you, that even starting TODAY you set aside a few minutes EVERY DAY to simply sit in the Lord’s presence and reflect and meditate on His Grace, His Mercy, His faithfulness, His goodness, His love, and on the millions of blessings He continually pours out upon us. This Easter could be the most memorable Easter you have even experienced if you would do just that.

Why don’t you plan to write and tell me the results of your reflection. God bless you. Have a blessed weekend in church.