7 May 2019


By John Ollis

Anniversaries are wonderful things aren’t they, the Jews annually celebrated the Passover each year as a permanent reminder of God delivering them from the Egyptians. In the Christian Church we celebrate, Easter and the death of our Lord Jesus, and then Whitsuntide, the day the Church was born on the day of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit descended on the 120 in the Upper Room in a very unique and special way. We also remember and rejoice at the birth of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the world’s calendar virtually every week now there seems to have celebrations and anniversaries for something of importance and significance to at least a goodly proportion of the world’s population.

In my personal life, I regularly remember (and thank God for the day I was born again, (October 1951) and that was just the start of a constant series of things God has done in my life, other things such as:

My call into the Ministry when I was 14.

When I was filled with the Spirit, and received a prayer language

In each of the five churches I had the privilege of Pastoring over 20+ years.

The vision I received to Disciple and Mentor

The dramatic call into Bible College Ministry, where I served full time for 19 years.

The awesome call to Teaching on the Mission field which continued for about 10 years until health wise it was becoming difficult

The call to Intercession and writing

I have written before and I will say again, that I have “lived the dream” as I have responded to the fresh call and direction the Lord would give me and taken me to a new level of ministry and fulfillment.

The reason I am writing this simple blog on ANNIVERSARIES is because tomorrow I celebrate 54 years of marriage to Margaret, we have served together right from my first Pastorate in 1965. If I have been able to accomplish anything for the Kingdom of God it has ALL been because of her love, and prayers and constant support. To me it is a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY, I am no longer in public ministry as such, but sure have not retired, just moved into a more private or hidden ministry. The number of people from more and more nations are reading and responding to my blogs, the requests to pray for people and ministries continues to grow, the Mentoring both face to face and video mentoring through WhatsApp also continues to produce much good fruit.

So I just want to write and SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, and thank the Lord for His leading and guidance and blessing throughout my life, it has all been undeserved, all I can do is bow down and say THANK YOU JESUS.