30 December 2019


By John Ollis

When you are young, you never think about death and dying,  but equally when you were young, anyone in their 60″s were old, and when they got to their 70″s they were very old. Well, I am 79 in a just a few months, and in many ways I don’t actually feel that old, it is only when I have to try and hurry, I realise I simply can’t move as fast anymore. In other words my spirit is maintaining its feeling of youthfulness, because of my walk with the Lord, it is just  (MY BODY) the house that I live in happens to be wearing out.
Of course, there are numerous things we can’t do anymore, but thankfully  there are other things we can do, and I am so thankful the Lord has led me into  a ministry of Intercession, and I so enjoy my blogging andmentoring, and the occasional opportunity to preach the Word.
I have written some blogs recently about the fact we are moving (tomorrow) into a new year and a new decade, and it is not the time to have a “retirement” mentality, but to think and pray about some things we can do. Perhaps for example there are some things you have said in the past,” I really should do tha”, or can I suggest you ask the Lord, “what can I do in  2020 to glorify you and extend Your Kingdom”, we may be pleasantly surprised at what the Lord may drop into our hearts.
I read this morning  Deuteronomy 2:3 ‘You have skirted this mountain long enough”; and felt it spoke to me, that it was time to stop talking about and skirting this mountain but go over the top, and move into a fresh dimension of ministry and intimacy with the Lord.
Do you have a mountain that you have been skirting around? Have you kept putting off “going over the top? Let us give some prayerful thought to this even today amen.
Until today, my blogs have been exclusively things that I have felt compelled to write, but during the night, Margaret woke and  had some things burning in her heart. she has written down these words which I am including in this blog, may they bless, challenge and encourage you.
As we face a New Year, and a New Decade, many of us have come to realise that “the old grey mare ‘ain’t what she used to be” ….. So –
Change … Is definitely on the horizon! How will we face it? ‘Old and grumpy’? or ‘gifted and generous?
Charisma …. or “gifting” – the passing years have endowed us with wisdom, understanding, abilities for us to share – free for the asking, or free for the sharing …. How’s your store? Depleted by grumbling or plentiful from sharing? That’s a Challenge!
The “Twenties” arrive with many challenges – safety, health, mobility, friends and purpose. What am I here for? How long do I have? What can I do?
The Answer … Seize the Day …. Make it count!!!!
“….. In such an hour as we think not …..” – Mark 13:35
Be prepared – “He’s coming soon!”
May 2020 be the BEST YEAR EVER FOR YOU.