14 April 2020


By John Ollis

It was probably in 1998 when we were serving the Lord in Singapore, I attended am Interdenominational Prayer meeting at St. Andrews Cathedral, I looked across the crowded congregation and saw a man in a white Salvation Army uniform. My readers know I was saved in the S.A. and even attended their training College, so at the end of the meeting I went across and introduced myself to him. That introduction has produced a very precious friendship. He now heads up an international sports ministry which is reaching thousands of Asian young people with the Gospel and then Discipleship. Whenever I am in Singapore we catch up for some sweet fellowship together.

He also avidly reads all my blogs, and either comments or indicates a “like” to almost everything I write, it is always such an encouragement to receive them. In response to my LENTEN JOURNEY FRUIT he responded and said his determination  is  to:

REFLECT on God’s Word

REPENT of my sins

REJOICE in the Lord always

RESIST the enemy

RESET my thinking

RE-ALIGN to His will

REST in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love the alliteration, and the fact there are 7“R”s, plus 7 is the perfect number, I told my friend I would “steal” his message, and here it is in this morning’s blog.

I. personally are going to seek to make these 7 keys foundational in every aspect of my life and walk with the Lord, I would encourage you to consider doing the same.

There are 2 negative things, that I have struggled with throughout my Christian life, I think there was a time I didn’t even think they were a problem, but I realise very much now they have been. they are:

RELIGIONexternally showing the world how “spiritual” I was, but not walking in the REALITY of a fresh vital relationship with the Lord.

RULES,following a set of “Thou shalt, and “Thou shalt nots” that put me into a legalistic bondage,

I will not blame anyone for this mindset I developed many many years ago, but robbed me of so much.

By the grace of God I am going to live and walk and move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and LET PEOPLE SEE JESUS IN ME AMEN.