1 June 2020


By John Ollis

What a day we are living in, it is easy to concentrate on and highlight the Covid-19 Pandemic, and fail to see WHAT GOD IS DOING IN OUR WORLD. We know that because our God is ALL SEEING & ALL KNOWING He has not been taken by surprise at this Pandemic, but is sure using the situation for His glory. I understand many believers have begun to seek the Lord more than ever, we trust it will begin to impact even more Believers and also the rest of the population too, that they consider their eternal future.

As an old man I am constantly being blown away by the advancements in technology that even a small local church can go “on line” during this lockdown/isolation and continue to have services.What a blessing these “on line services have been to multitudes of people.

Then at the other end of the comparison a large International  Conference  has had to go on line this year, called EMPOWERED 21  Global Conference, commences 31st May thru 10thg June, and there are 72 WELL KNOWN SPEAKERS,  you can google it and be a part of it for free.

In so many different ways the Lord and His Church is seeking to use this unprecedented time in history to impact our world with the power and blessing of God. Now on another vein: HOW WAS YOUR PENTECOST SUNDAY?

Mine was awesome and God blessed in so many ways.

Our Pastor continued his series from the Gospel of John,

We then watched “Hillsong on Line” we have been enjoying Brian Houston’s ministry very much over these past few months.

Then late afternoon  watched Jentezen  Franklin from Gainsville GA USA who has a multi campus church, and is a great “Pentecostal preacher” we very much admire. It was his Pentecost Sunday sermon. He commenced by telling about the City of L.A. who set up a special Commission to seek to deal with the massive pollution in the city. The experts met and pooled all their knowledge and training and the final report read. “We do not have an answer to the problem WE NEED A WIND FROM ELSEWHERE”. Jenetzen then declared: WE NEED A PENTECOST PANDEMIC.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic we need to “flatten the curve but with the Pentecost Pandemic we need to LIFT THE CURVE, IT IS TIME TO GET INFECTED.


We all know who that wind is, we see Him in Acts 2:2 NKJV And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.


I love this song

Lord I’s hungry for a mighty move of God, Lord I’m thirsty pour out your Holy Ghost

I want to see the Hand of God move mightily in me Lord, I’m hungry for a move of God.

I had not intended at this time to write another blog on Pentecost but I was so blest yesterday, not only by the Ministry of the Word “on line” but THE GREATNESS OF OUR GOD.

Can I encourage you to pray FOR A WIND FROM ELSEWHERE, that will not only start a revolution in the Body of Christ, but will usher in an end time move of the Holy Spirit than will see tens of millions being born again of the Spirit, Amen