5 June 2020


By John Ollis

The statement has been made by virtually every major Leader in the world, “WE ARE LIVING IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES” and there isn’t a person who would disagree with this statement. The Corona Virus seemed to come from nowhere and within weeks, the world was being impacted, and now hundreds of thousands of people have  died and gone into eternity. Literally many millions have contracted the virus, and some countries are still seeing hundreds dying daily.

Whether this is the plague that David Wilkinson prophesied back in 1984 would hit the world, we don’t know, I trust that,as he wrote that “prayer-less Christians are now praying and reading their Bibles”,  is happening. The pandemic has changed the face of everything from the economies of the world, causing mass unemployment, and the fact the church has had to go on line and now (unrelated) riots relating to the death of the African American in the USA and now in other cities around the world including here in Australia.

Here in Australia the restrictions are easing at different levels in our various states, and we are flattening the curve, although authorities are concerned that further outbreaks are possible if people are not wise in their behaviour.

I guess sadly, people are going to start forgetting all about the Pandemic and get on with living and just see these last few months as simply a blip in their lives, and have not given any or much thought to eternal matters.

I heard a Preacher say last Sunday WE NEED A PENTECOST PANDEMIC and instead of flattening the curve, we need to see the curve rise, as we pray and believe the Holy Spirit is going to move across our nation and the world and usher in a Holy Spirit revival.

Revival of course starts in the life of the Believer as he repents and commits himself to “seek first the Kingdom (rule) of God in his life” (Matt.6:33) this CAUSES HIM TO BECOME CONTAGIOUS AND THIS CAN INFECT MANY PEOPLE TO CONSIDER THE CLAIMS OF CHRIST ON THEIR LIVES.

The same Preacher tells the story of the Los Angeles authorities decided to create a Committee to investigate how to deal with the massive pollution over the city. The Committee met for a considerable time  and their conclusions were, “we do not have an answer to the pollution, the only answer is:


isn’t that the answer for us, WE NEED A RUSHING MIGHT WIND Acts 2:2  to deal with the world’s pollution and usher in a PENTECOSTAL REVIVAL.

I don’t know whether can use the word Pandemic in a positive sense, but we sure want to see the positive effects that a PENTECT PANDEMIC could do in our world.