5 July 2020


By John Ollis

I will never cease to thank God for the awesome privilege of teaching many many thousands of students from around the world. I am so glad I can maintain contact with many of them through social media.

I received some sad news last week of a fine young African brother who I taught in Indonesia, has been “promoted to glory” after contracting cancer. He was a quality Godly young man who spiritually stood “head and shoulders” above his peers. He is the third past student of mine this year that has contracted cancer, and the second one to have passed away.

The normal human reaction is to ask “why Lord?” and then bow our hearts and say, “Your ways are not my ways, You give and take away Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

The reason for this blog today is to remind Leaders, THE IMPORTANCE OF RAISING UP SUCCESSORS.

The moment we start Mentoring a young potential Leader, it must be our goal to assist them to “fulfil the purposes of God in their generation” and if it is God’s plan for their life they are trained and equipped even to replace you.

We must not have the mindset of holding tightly onto “our” ministry, for we never know when God may call us home, or call us into a new and bigger ministry.

I guess many could write long lists, of those who (naturally speaking) died before their time and left an” aching hole” in a ministry situation, or of others who simply walked away from their current ministry into something else, again leaving an “aching hole”.

The desire to reproduce comes automatically when we enter puberty, I sincerely believe when God calls you and I there should automatically (spiritually speaking) come a desire to reproduce.

So Leaders, I want to urge you, from this day, to MAKE REPRODUCING A NO.1 PRIORITY. Have the attitude you want your Mentorees to go much further forward in ministry than you ever had. Amen.