23 November 2021


By John Ollis

I can humbly declare, that with the Lord’s help, every major decision we have made over all our married life has been at the clear direction and confirmation of the Lord’s leading. In hindsight the picture is even clearer than when we made some of these major decisions. I think the most crucial decision we have ever made, was the last decision nearly 13 years ago to transfer from Sydney to a small rural country town, not only to be closer to some family members, but to prepare for the transition into a slower lifestyle and “retire” from full time ministry. This sure didn’t happen over night as I continued to travel to Asia for Teaching Ministry until just a few years ago.

The Lord sure had plans to bring fresh new vision and major change into my life and thinking, that I could never have dreamed possible (and it would have been very difficult for it to happen if we remained in Sydney), I am so thankful to Him for what has been a slow but life changing experience for me.

Prior to moving here, I had lived in an Evangelical/Pentecostal bubble for nearly 60 years, and the Lord and some dear brothers in the faith, have been used to impact my thinking and belief and understanding beyond my wildest dreams.

This blog is not to highlight a particular school of Theological thought, but I have radically changed my Theological position, as the Holy Spirit has been leading me into truth this has been an awesome continuing revelation to me, if someone had told me even 10 years this would happen I could not (would not) have believed them.. I will simply say, I am still totally committed to the Spirit-filled life, that includes exposure and involvement in the Gifts of the Spirit including a Believer having a personal prayer language, and can and should pray in tongues EVERY DAY.

I have never been part of a church/denomination that followed a Liturgical calendar, but these last couple of years, I came to understand that Church Leaders a few hundred years ago recognised that Believers can get so caught up with day to day living, that their spiritual life can get neglected, and the Leaders believed they had a responsibility to remind and encourage Believers, so such times (seasons) as Lent and Pentecost, and Advent were all created to help God’s people to keep pressing in and reflecting on their walk with God. Personally following the seasons of Lent and Advent these last couple of years have been such a personal blessing to me and has been life changing for me. So such times (seasons) as Lent and Pentecost, and Advent were all created to help God’s people to keep pressing in and on in their walk with God. If Christian leaders believed it was easy hundreds of years ago for Believers to get “caught up” with many things, how much more in the 21st century. Advent 2021 commences this Sunday 28th, and goes through until Friday 24th December (Christmas Eve). This is such an awesome opportunity to prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, for me it includes meditating on the GOD’S SO GREAT SALVATION PLAN that he designed in eternity past that included me in his planning that I would be drawn by the Holy Spirit to see my need to repent of my sin and respond to God’s call, and be born again. Let me encourage you to follow these seasons, and let the Lord speak to you and bless you in a special way in these seasons.

We used to sing a hymn many years ago, I think the chorus was “Tell me the old old story” and the reason for Advent and all the other parts of the Liturgical calendar was so fulfilled in some lines from the hymn, TELL ME THE STORY OFTEN FOR I FORGET SO SOON. We all need to be reminded, that we need TO COME APART AND REST AWHILE, and meditate on God’s so great Salvation.

So we haven’t joined a Liturgical church, but are now part of a body of believers who are more aligned to what I (we) now believe the Word of God teaches. A past Mentor (now with the Lord) often reminded me of the importance of BALANCE, in the context of my Christian walk, and in what I believe from the Word of God ever learning to RIGHLY DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH, plus balance in my local church life and practice.

I am not saying I have fully arrived, but I thank God for the adjustments He has made in all these above areas, and I want to be teachable and continue letting the Lord help me to build my life and walk and ministry ACCORDING TO THE PATTERN OF THE WORD OF GOD.

My only regret is that now in my 81st year, it took me so long to have “ears to hear, and a heart to respond”. May this simple blog (testimony) be a blessing and encouragement yo you.