24 January 2022


By John Ollis

My new website has not not been giving me the statistics like how many view and read my blogs, or readers being able to leave their comments, so as well as posting “YET ANOTHER WORD ABOUT DISCIPLESHIP (1)” on my website I also posted it on FB and Twitter, and also wrote to some ministry friends on WhatsApp. I am pleased to say my website is co-operating with me more, and to date around 100 have read the blog and a goodly number have commented.

Without exception everyone agreed with what I had written, and lamented the fact the fact that is isn’t happening (very much) and like myself experienced little or no personal discipleship. Some additional comments were made and I am including them in this follow up blog. One wrote about the importance of Discipleship being RELATIONAL, and I sure agree with that. It would seem that sometimes someone is simply appointed to become someone’s disciple-maker, but there is no connection and it can prove to be ineffective.

Another wrote linking Discipleship and Mentoring together, this can also be true, but we should not rush a person and put more emphasis on Ministry than spiritual growth, my experience is that flowing out of quality Discipling there will automatically come a desire to serve the Lord, The Disciple-maker may change his role to become more of a Mentor, or at other times the growing disciple will begin to relate to some one else or even more than one when it comes to developing their ministry.

I would like to personally add, that Discipling should begin as soon as possible after the person comes to Christ, Billy Graham felt the first 72 hours post conversion was a a very important time, as the new Believer is so open to growth and change, experience suggests that the longer the it is left the person starts to “settle down” and and can be less open to change and discipleship.

One of the biggest arguments against Biblical Discipleship is that it is too time consuming, but I sincerely believe the one on one component is 100%, of course a class can also be beneficial, but a Disciple-maker needs to ascertain that the “penny has dropped” that the information is becoming revelation and is life changing. I also believe in our technological age, social media can be such a blessing to keep in regular contact with the new believer.

The Disciple-maker not only needs to teach the new Believer about prayer, and the Believer’s inheritance, but flowing out of the relationship “hard questions” can be asked about habits, sexual purity, dating behaviour etc. that is why Discipling must be male to male/female to female.

I am very thankful to the Lord for the interest and support I have received as I have shared afresh my passion for Biblical Discipling. May the Lord help us to make time and the Lord helping us we can make quality disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your further comments will always be gratefully received, you can also email me on [email protected]