17 June 2013

8 Keys To Protecting The Mind (Part 5)

By John Ollis

I have shared with you so far some 6 keys I have discovered in the Word of God to help us protect our minds. Most Christians usually only need a couple of these keys.  Remember the keys I have shared with you so far are keys to cast down/demolish/destroy those sinful thoughts. We now come to:

Key no.7  Turn with me to 1 John 3:2, John says we are the Children of God but when he appears  we shall be like Him.   What does John mean “When he appears? it is of course Christ’s Second Coming for His Church, and it is called the Christian hope. Look at verse 3   “He that has this hope” He who lives  in the light of Christ’s soon return, seeks to keep himself pure.

A generation ago there was much preaching and teaching on Christ’s return, and teachers would share with us their interpretation (their Theological School/perspective) they belonged too. The Apostles Paul & John both expected Christ to return in their lifetime, here we are 2000 years later and He has not yet returned. We know as “information” that Christ will return one day, but it does not impact our lives.

Let recommend to you to pray, “Lord help me to live and serve you as if You were returning today”. If you get that revelation it will totally change your lifestyle.  Some people think if Christ is returning soon they must go and withdraw from society and become a reclusive/exclusive group of people, not so, we are to be Salt & Light in our community. We must live and work as if he was coming today. This is one of the “tensions” in the Christian life, we must develop our career, marry, have a family, but simultaneously live as if Christ could return today.

We know the three major attributes of God,that He is”:

1.Omnipotent    Our all powerful God

2.Omnipresent  Our God is everywhere present constantly.    If you get a revelation that Christ is everywhere, then there would be many things we would NOT do or say because He is watching.

3. Omniscient Our God is all seeing and all knowing, He knows our thoughts even before we think them, again if we had this revelation, we would not permit a thought to remain for 10 seconds in our mind, but would immediately cast it down.

Please pray that the Lord will affirm this truth to you, and from today you will live as if He is coming today. Your priorities, and lifestyle will surely change, but more that you will start to experience a higher level of purity/holiness and victory in your