13 July 2013


By John Ollis

We have now looked at two very important pieces of armour, next week we will look at.

The Sword of the Spirit

The Shield of Faith

Having on our feet Peace.

The other 2 pieces of armour The Helmet of Salvation has already been covered under Protecting the Mind, and Prayer was covered  under The Eight Essential Ingredients for Daily Prayer.

My primary burden is not just to be a Bible Teacher but a Mentor and Father to any of God’s people who want to relate and apply these teaching to their lives. If these teaching have encouraged you, blessed you, pushed you to press into God, please tell me, I am not looking for personal accolades, but want to be able to Give Glory to God for the fruit of these blogs.

I am still looking for a Thai translator, if you can recommend someone to me I would appreciate it.

As I was writing these blogs today, the Lord has put into my heart my next series. Let me give you advance notice. It will be:


God said to Moses and King David they had to “build according to the pattern” the end result of their obedience was the  manifest Glory of God. I will be applying this truth to both the individual believer and the Local Church. Although the 2 illustrations are from the Old Testament (Moses & David) I am reminded of St. Augustine’s words. The New (testament) is in the Old (testament) concealed, and the Old (testament) is in the New (testament) revealed.

God progressively brought truth to His people over many years through many different Prophets, Priests & Kings, finding their total fulfilment in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

This is an awesome series of teaching which revolutionised my life and ministry, I trust it will yours too.