17 July 2013


By John Ollis

Some people think that when you become a Christian, you are now on your own, and you either sink or swim. Let me say again, Salvation is so much more than receiving forgiveness and inviting Christ into your life. Through His death and resurrection we have available to us all that we need to live victorious holy lives, and that every time we are tempted to sin God has a way out for us if we will accept it, not that we cannot sin, BUT we need not sin.  What a mighty God we love and serve.

We now come to the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT which is the Word of God. Interestingly all the pieces of armour are directly or indirectly linked with the Word of God. Paul commences this section of teaching telling us we are in a war, and we need to put on the armour God has supplied for us. The weapon we use against the enemy is the Word of God, the devil hates the Word of God, and will sure do anything to stop people reading, studying and meditating in the Word.

How do we use the Word as a Sword against the enemy by CONFESSION,  just as Jesus dealt with each temptation in the wilderness by saying “it is written” so must we use the Word as a Sword and confess it against him.

I shared regarding this in the “Protecting the Mind” series, but it must be repeated here as we need to be reminded continually to use the Word of God against the enemy.

In the Greek New Testament 2 words are used to translate the word WORD.

Logos  the written Word of God, important essential information “God said it, I believe it that settles it.

Rhema  When God  speaks to us PERSONALLY through the Word and it becomes alive (quickened) in our spirit. This is the primary way God speaks to us personally, but He also can speak to us through   Dreams





If God speaks to us through these means it MUST ALWAYS agree with the Logos (written) Word. Paul is saying The Sword is the Rhema Word, why the translators do not differentiate when they translate the word to assist us in our understanding I do not know.

I believe God wants to give us a Rhema word EVERY day, but we must discipline ourselves to spend time  meditating on the Scriptures. With Bible reading it is good to read 2-3 chapters every day, but with meditation just one verse. It is good to choose a New Testament book (especially say one of Paul’s letters) and start with chapter one verse one. Look at and think about every word, look at the verse in another translation, in another language if you are bilingual, and pray “Holy Spirit turn the light on illuminate this verse, this truth to me” what happens God turns the light on, the Logos becomes a Rhema and a Sword in our hand to confess against the enemy.

The day we were born again it was a Rhema word that brought us to Christ, when we heard the Gospel the Holy Spirit began to convict us of our sin and He began to draw us to God. That word produces Faith in our hearts and linked with CONFESSION (Rom.10.10 we were saved. 1 Peter 1.23 tells us that the seed (divine sperma) was planted in the womb of our heart conception took place and we were born again. EVERY DAY God wants to place the divine sperma into our heart so that revelation and truth is born in us constantly.