1 August 2013


By John Ollis

We now come to the individual components of the pattern. We will look firstly at the clear list found in Acts 4 then look at other essential principles clearly assumed in the Word of God. In each section we will look at the truth both for the individual believer and in the Local Church

UNITY (in the believer)

The Prophet Amos under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit asks the question (chapter 3.3) “Can two walk together unless they be agreed?” of course the answer is no. In relation to our walk with God there is only one way to go and that is God’s way. We spent some time on this truth when we looked at the 8 Essential Ingredients to Prayer. Paul challenges us in Rom 12.1 to continually (24/7) present ourselves and surrender to the Lord. We know the problem personally that with a living sacrifice is that it is always wanting to crawl off the altar. You may remember I believe God gave me a revelation in Psalm 118.27 NKJV that just as the Old Testament animals had to be tied down to the altar so we also need to be tied down, remember James tells us “We have not because we ask not”, I encourage you EVERY DAY to ask God to tie you down (bind you) to the altar. I know from personal experience Jesus wants to answer this prayer, and IT WORKS. In October I have been a born again 62 years, but I am praying almost daily these days “Lord teach me to live the surrendered life, I want you to be the   LORD

                                                The BOSS

                                                The MASTER

                                                The RULER

                                                The KING

                                                The OWNER   of my life.


UNITY (in the church)

In Psalm 133.3 King David reminds us that when believers dwell together in unity there God commands the blessing.  One of the regular common tools of the evil one is to cause disunity amongst believers. Often it is to do with an aspect of doctrine (truth). There is an important principle that I work on. Let us have unity on the essentials of doctrine and liberty on the non essentials.  Actually there are very few essentials, the most important one being that man is lost and needs a Saviour and must be born again. There have been written tens if not hundreds of millions of words by scholars about many doctrines, all based on their interpretation of the Bible, they can’t all be right because there is often massive disagreement between them .Our fellowship as believers is around our love and relationship with Jesus, not around doctrine, nor around a denomination. Sadly, there are often personality clashes amongst believers that cause disunity, Thank God for His love that is poured out by the Holy Spirit into our hearts (Rom. 5.5) which gives us an ability to forgive each other. Remember in every situation God’s grace is sufficient for every situation. Paul exhorts us in his letters that we must strive (work hard at) maintaining unity. If we want the blessing of God (the Glory)upon us, we must build according to the pattern of the Word of God.