10 September 2013


By John Ollis

Psalm 92 gives us so many keys on how we can stay fresh and flourishing. The reality is it doesn’t just happen automatically, we have to do our part, or as the Theologians say we must persevere. Life is full of pressures, testings, dealings, and  sickness, we also have an enemy who does not want us to be fresh and flourishing, and then our biggest enemy is ourselves, and the lack of  self discipline and not laying hold practically of all that is in our inheritance in Christ as believers

I am going to use the physical signs of aging, and then using these physical signs to see if  we can identify if spiritually we are not as fresh and flourishing as we could be, not because of physical limitations, but simply relaxing and perhaps taking our walk with God for granted. Remember the challenge of the Word:

To work out our Salvation with fear and trembling.

Draw near to God and he will draw near to us.

We must press towards the mark eagerly seeking the prize.

WE MUST seek first (make our no.1 priority) the Kingdom (rule of God) in our lives.


Many of us can remember, when we started to realise that our physical sight was starting to deteriorate, and we decided or were encouraged to go and have an eye test. it was so good when we got our glasses and everything became clear again. I have said previously that just as we have 5 natural senses, now we are believers must  develop our spiritual sight. For some this seems to come supernaturally, as we read the Word of God, the scriptures seemed  to just light up. I honestly believe EVERY time we spend time in the Word we can and should have that experience.

How is your spiritual sight ? can you say with Isaiah “I see the Lord” for with our spiritual eyes we can continually gaze upon Him. As we get older we get sleepy, Paul says “awake you who are sleeping for the time of the Lord’s return is closer than when we first believed. Every day we can have an “eye opening” experience and go from revelation to revelation.

In Lev. 21 verse 18 tells us that if a priest had limited vision he was disqualified from the priesthood (I am glad we are under  the new Covenant). let me ask you?

What is your vision for your spiritual life, do you want to keep growing ?

What is your vision for your marriage ? are you happy with the status quo or want to see it continue to develop.

If you are still employed, what is your vision for your career? are you going to keep on doing the same thing year after year, or do you want to develop a career path ?

What is your vision for your ministry in the local church, do you expect and believe the Lord wants to promote you as you serve faithfully or just keep on doing the same thing until Jesus comes.

What is your vision for your local church ? are you believing it will grow and impact the community more or just slowly shrivel and die ?

Do you have a vision for the Body of Christ ? or do have a denominational vision only ?

Do you have a vision for the soon return of Christ ? When we have this it changes our lifestyle 1 John 3.3.

The picture in Lev 21 in the Hebrew is that of blinkers (on horses).

If you realise that in an area or some areas of your life your sight is diminished, you are not staying fresh and flourishing, you need to make a decision of your will to let God rip the blinkers off. As you cooperate with the Lord He  give you 20/20 vision in every area of your life.

Until the day we die or when Jesus comes we can maintain perfect spiritual vision.