11 September 2013


By John Ollis

The visit to the anaesthetist last evening was totally positive, and there is no problem with me having the forthcoming surgery in our local private hospital. This decision bring the operations forward and the first procedure should be in 3-4 weeks, then the 2nd procedure 3-4 weeks after that. Each procedure will take up to 2 hours, recuperation is generally slow, but we should be able to get to Sydney to in time to spend Christmas with our children.

This also means that I can venture out to the nations again, (my first School date is early May 2014), Praise the Lord, Maybe not at the pace and frequency as in the past, but I will still be able to fulfil my burden and passion.

Thank you to those who prayed, but please keep praying for these things:

1. Placement on the surgeon’s operating list very soon

2. Good recuperation between each surgery

3. For Margaret, her life is already very full, and this adds additional pressure to her.

4. That in all things the Lord gets ALL the Gory