5 October 2013


By John Ollis

What preparation do you make before you go to church ?

In previous generations western Christians would have their weekly bath on a Saturday night, and then lay out all their Sunday church clothes in preparation. These days there is often a mad scramble looking for particular clothes. Often the table was set and prepared for breakfast the next morning, so again breakfast did not have to be a rush.

Do you leave for church in plenty of time ? Punctuality is not arriving right on the time, but at least 5 minutes before. So there is time to park the car and find a seat and greet some of your borothers and sisters in Christ.

I wonder how many Christians have a time of personal devotions before they leave for church ?Years ago I coined the term “organised spontaneity”. We should want to spend time with the Lover of our soul every day (including Sunday) but unless it is organised it doesn’t happen. As you are driving to church if you are alone use your prayer language, if there are others in the car have a good worship cd playing. The Psalmist said “We bring the Sacrifice of praise to the House of the Lord”. When I was Pastoring congregations, like Martin Luther King “I had a dream” that all God’s people were already “in the Spirit” as they entered the Sanctuary. From the first song the service would “take off”and we would truly touch heaven and heaven would truly touch us. Our hearts would be so open to receive the preached Word, we would hear from the Lord, and leave the church challenged to press in and on and upward in our walk with the Lord.

Don’t be in a hurry to rush off, church is both about the Lord and people, and there is something very special about Christian fellowship, enjoy the family.

You may say John, this is all so idealistic, but why don’t you organise your private world in relation to church I guarantee church will be better, why not try it this weekend ??