8 October 2013


By John Ollis

I said a week ago, that the second stage of my surgery was scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday 9/10). Progress since stage one almost two weeks ago has been excellent praise the Lord. The Sister in charge came into my room this morning and informed me the surgery was delayed a week as sometning had not been ordered by the Surgeon. You can appreciate the initial disappointment, but somehow I had a special peace in my heart, that even if I had to wait another week, the Lord’s grace would carry me through.

About 30 minutes later the Sister came to me again and said, everything that is needed is available and surgery will proceed as planned, Praise the Lord. It will not take place until quite late tomorrow afternoon but it is DEFINITELY ON.The Lord has been so good in this whole matter, and I am so thankful to Him,.

Please especially pray tomorrow that the Lord guides the surgeon’s hands, and that the wound will be infection free, and that my recuperation will proceed better than could be anticipated.

I can’t wait to again be on the Mission field fulfilling the Great Commission and training hundreds of more leaders in this awesome task. Jesus Christ SHALL be Lord of all the earth Amen.