8 October 2013


By John Ollis

One of my many favourite scriptures is 2 Peter 1.3 that Christ has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. That there is never a situation that we can make excuses for our failings. We also must not blame the devil either but take responsibility for our lack of discipline and perhaps even laziziness when it comes to our spiritual walk. Believers do NOT have to have any of spiritual signs of aging if we will constantly lay lay hold of our inheritance in the lord Jesus Christ.

The signs  of aging come to mind this morning, Tiredness, stiffness of the joints.

Many believers begin to “endure” their Christian life and not “enjoy” it. What is the answer? They that wait upon the Lord shall renew (exchange their weakness) their strength, they shall rise up like eagles, they shall run and not grow weary…………., or as I have said many times, “we must stay under the spout where the Glory comes out”.In reality I get very tired at times these days physically, but on the inside I want to ever remain young and fresh and flourshing.

Stiffness of the joints. Of course physically our body is wearing out, and movement is not as good as it once was, but spitiually there is no need for stiffness. A sign of old age is not liking change, and hard to embrace change, and often an unwillingness to change.

The Children of israel had to maintain one eye on the cloud above the tabernacle, as from time to time it would rise up, and this was a sign for the Children of Israel to  pack up and be ready to move. God is still wanting to speak to us as individuals and as a Church, and we must dO the berean thing  (Acts 17) and search the Scriptures,(not look at the excessess or judge on past experience, but when you see it is God speaking we must move with Him. The option is disobey and just like the Children of Israel die in the wilderness.


FLEXIBLE,        ADJUSTABLE      ADAPTABLE,                                                                            because we are        DISPENSIBLE.