31 October 2013


By John Ollis

Psalm 92: 12-14 tells us that if we are planted in the House of the Lord (the local church) and maintain a fresh relationship with the Lord, we will be sweet like the date, and  put if we put  our roots down deep like the cedars of Lebanon we will draw what we need to remain fresh and flourish.

We cannot stop the physical signs of aging, but if we do what the Word of God says we will not start to exhibit the spiritual signs of aging. We have looked at a number of physical signs of aging and sought to relate the signs spiritually like:

Poor hearing

Poor eyesight

Loss of desire to reproduce


Heart problems


Alzheimers Disease.

I will now simply list further signs of aging and ask you if you can see the relationship between the physical and spiritual.

Stiffness of the joints (difficulty in movement) and let me know your thoughts please ?


Feeling you have passed your peak



Would you give some thought to these signs and see how you relate  them spiritually ? let me hear from you please ?

Throughout the Word of God there is continually spelt out (much more in the New Testament] how to stay fresh and flourishing. Here is another O.T. picture for you to consider. In 2 Kings 4.10 a notable woman made available to Elisha what he needed in his journey.

A bed, we must come apart and rest awhile,

A Table, we are invited daily to the banqueting table to partake of the Word of God, how is your spiritual hunger?

A Chair. a bed is for sleeping, but a chair is to simply relax and enjoy the presence of God, let us slow down and smell the roses.

A Lamp, Every day God wants to illuminate (turn the light on) the Word of God to us, letting the Logos become the Rhema Word, that produces Faith in our hearts (Rom.10.17)

In October I celebrated 62 years since I received Jesus as my Personal Saviour, I was so slow to learn how to stay under the spout where the Glory comes out, so often my life was like a roller coaster (up today, down tomorrow). I have also learnt that my flesh is my biggest enemy and I must learn to discipline it (1 Cor. 9.24-27) I also know that without Jesus I can do nothing, and that I need the prayers and encouragement of my brothers and sisters in Christ. That is why Discipleship is so important.

I do trust this series has been a blessing to you, please let me know your thoughts, May the Lord help every one of us to know experientially the full outworking of our Inheritance in Christ.

I want to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant”.