28 October 2013


By John Ollis

I arrived home just last Saturday after a total of 32 days in hospital, I honestly did not think that it would ever end. The cement spacer that was put in when they took out my diseased knee replacement was in in for a total of two weeks. I had very little movement and much pain for a total of 14 days. then on Wednesday 9th October the spacer was removed and a new knee replacement was put in. This gave me much more movement. Sadly, when swabs were taken during both these surgeries the results still showed some low grade “innocuous” stapf infection. This I am informed will be controlled (dealt with) with ongoing (for life) antibiotics!!!!!).

A small part of the surgical wound refused to heal so on Wednesday 23rd October I was taken back to the operating theatre and the wound was opened up and washed out, and this time sutured back together. A drain was fitted and this continued to flow until Saturday morning when I was discharged. There has virtually been NO leakage since then praise the Lord. The sutures will be taken out Monday 4th November, until then I have to take things very quietly and not do anything rash. At least I can sit at my laptop and catch up with all my correspondence.


There is still considerable pain which I need to seek to remain on top off, but also  I need to  slowly withdraw from the pain killers. Would you pray the Lord lays His nail scarred hand on the knee please ?

Would you pray that I will seek to be patient and totally obey the surgeon!!!!

Would you also pray for Margaret, she is holding up well, but it has been a very hard time for her.


I thank God for every minute of the these 32 days of hospitalization (some I can say only  in hindsight), but I declare God’s sovereignty in it all. The Lord is not just interested in my body but my soul and spirit, and I believe it is all part of what Paul prayed in 2 Thess. 5.23 that God wants to sanctify me, spirit, soul and body, In my case He needed to put me on my back, and get my ear to listen, and soften my heart that I may obey, I do want in every way to fulfil the purposes of God in my generation as was said of king David (Acts 13.36). There has been numerous times when the indefinable “peace of God” so pulsated in my heart, and the “joy of the Lord” just bubbled up. I thank God for those awesome experiences.

It appears the recuperation will be slow, but our plan is that in mid December we will slowly drive to Sydney and spend Christmas with our children and grandchildren. We had a cruise (around N.Z) planned beginning 8th December, this has been deferred now until March.

At the end of my recuperation, I intend to start making plans to return to Asia in 2014, the first School I would teach at would be at the start of May 2014. Please pray my dream comes to pass, I believe it is what the lord would have me to do.

Thank you for all your love and prayers.