16 January 2014


By John Ollis

I talked recently about making new year resolutions, The start of a new year is a good time to do it,, and of course we can make resolutions/declarations at any time. Many of the Bible writers did it for example the Apostle Paul in Phil. 3  “That I may know Him” Paul was saying that his number one priority was to become intimately acquainted with the Lord.   didn’t say he wanted to be a better preacher or teacher or see more signs and wonders accompanying his ministry .King David in his Psalms regularly made resolutions relative to his relationship with the Lord. More effective ministry will flow out of our relationship with the Lord
1. Do you have a Mentor ? Firstly I trust you have been personally disciple and someone walk with you to help you develop that vital relationship with the Lord. I cannot believe that a class is sufficient, or even observing someone afar off is sufficient. We need someone to ask the hard questions, and to face up to any areas in our lives that do not line up with the Word of God. The Mentor must never make decisions for you, but give you the guidance and assistance that you need to make Godly decisions. I thank God for the men I have  let speak into my life, I have not always liked what they told me. They only have one agenda that John Ollis will be more like Jesus and that I will fulfil the purposes of God in my life in my generation.
2. How important is the Word of God to you ?? I am personally asking and challenging myself  with this question today.  It is now well over 62 years since I was born again,  do I truly love the Word of God. Am I letting it feed my soul ? Am I letting the Lord speak to me regularly as I read and study and meditate. Am I letting the Logos become a Rhema to me. I want to love the Word of God more from today onward. I must discipline myself more to set aside quality time DAILY  to not only read but HEAR the Lord speak to me through the Scriptures.  To help you in your study, have two or more translations in front of you even a what we call a Dynamic Equivalent Bible like the Message or Living Bible.
(a) What is your attitude to the Old testament ? Some of it seems so irrelevant to our personal situation. A fairly modern subject now taught in most Bible Colleges is Hermaneutics which is the principles of interpretation. Sadly, many preachers do not really interpret scriptures when they preach but simply apply it and can actually make the scriptures say something it never mean. Of course we  preachers must practically apply truth when we preach, but may we make sure we are really saying what the Bible is saying. We need a goodly portion of both the Old Testament and the New testament if we are to have a balanced diet.
I have quoted  previously St. Augustine of Hippo an awesome 4th century  Bishop and theologian when he said.
:The New Testament is in the Old Testament BUT IT IS HIDDEN
The Old Testament is in the New Testament AND IS REVEALED.
Over the next few weeks we are going to look at an Old testament passage and do as St. Augustine recommends, pass the passage through the Cross and apply new Covenant principles to it and see what it has to say.
Among the many truths God birthed in the Old Testament was the ministry of the priests. This truth had its awesome fulfilment in the Lord Jesus Christ and in New Testament believers where Peter and John tells us we are Priests. Just as the Old Testament  priests we set aside to fulfil a special ministry, so are we set apart (sanctified) and called to fulfil a ministry call.
I pray these forthcoming studies are going to help you make 2014 a great year.