9 January 2014


By John Ollis

I guess we have all heard the saying “Hindsight is 20/20 vision” meaning that often only when we look back after months and years we can see how the Lord was teaching us a lesson. I think sometimes too we are often in the midst of a situation that we realise we are also in the Lord’s classroom. He has many ways and means to teach us what he wants us to know and learn. Has he not promised He will complete in us that which began on the day we were born again.

One of the exciting lessons I have learned is be able to recognise the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. I think I have recorded previously in my testimony, the numerous times the lord prepared us for a move and a change of direction in our ministry.  We know God is  not the author of confusion, and it is so good when you have to make steps of the faith the Holy Spirit has clearly put in your heart this confirmation.

Another lesson I have learnt is to come to terms with my particular ministry gifting. I would sit under an exquisite Bible Expositor and think why I can’t I minister like that. I had to learn I had been called to be the best John Ollis and to develop my Pastoral/Teaching gift, and not try and copy anyone. I also learnt that I must never limit myself, but if the lord wanted to use me in a particular way at a particular time I was available. I also learnt to appreciate another man’s ministry gifting and not be competitive.

In Mark 16 we read “These signs shall follow them that BELIEVE”. I can and should believe that:

1.I will see people come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

2.To see people “growing in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

3.To see people healed, set free and filled with the Holy Spirit.

I have observed Leaders who did not make it

1. Saul committed suicide

2. nearly all the kings of Israel & Judah

3. Uzziah presumptuous, leper

4. Judas apostle who sold out Christ

5. We can think of some even in this last century.

I hv

I have observed Leaders who did make it (not perfect but resilient)
1.Abraham faithful
2. Jacob supplanter to wrestler with God
3. Moses meekest man
4. Samuel praying prophet
5. Joseph faultless
6. Paul martyr for Christ
7. Peter crucified upside down
8. Apostle Johm long life
9. Martin Luther
10. John Calvin
11. Billy Graham
And the list goes on and on.
With the Lord’s grace. I want to hear “Well done good and faithful servant.