29 January 2014


By John Ollis

We now come to the fourth defect in Lev. 21.18. A limb too long NKJV, anything superfluous KJV.

The picture in the Hebrew is say a leg 15 cms longer than the other, or a hand with six fingers etc. These things are superfluous and unnecessary. If a priest had such a defect he was disqualified from ministry. As we pass this defect through the cross and apply new Covenant principles to it I reminds me of the writer to Hebrews (12.1) saying that we are to lay aside every weight (superfluous thing) and the sin that which so easily ensnares us, so we can run our race.

Paul tells us in 1 Cor. 10.23 that all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient or lawful for him. The reality is that we so often either put up with those sins (little foxes that spoil the vines) and even things that are not sins in themselves but are  we conscious of the Holy Spirit’s conviction that we would be better off without them in our lives.

I would not even dare to suggest what those things could be, but let me encourage you to pray “search my heart Lord” and let Him show you any little foxes or other “things” in your life but if we want to make 2014 a great year, let us recognise the superfluous (unnecessary) things in our lives so that there is nothing to hinder our walk with the Lord. We are not disqualified but why live a second rate Christian life when we can have more of the blessing of God in our lives.

There has been an excellent response to these blogs, thank you, please keep commenting.  God bless you.