29 January 2014


By John Ollis

Our next defect is found in Lev. 21.19  Broken foot.

Please note it isn’t a broken toe, but the whole foot. Have you ever had a broken toe ?? Our toes seem very insignificant until one or more is broken, one can hardly walk even with one  broken toe. Now this defect is very easy to interpret, feet always speak about walking.

How is your walk with God ? Is the question I have asked the hundreds of young men I have had the privilege to Mentor. The enemy is so subtle. He will try and encourage you to be  busy and fool you that if you are busy serving therefore your walk with God must be good.  Busyness in the work of the Lord does not equate with having a strong walk with the Lord.  So, is your walk consistent, or two steps forward and one step back. The Bible has so much to say about our walk, Paul uses the word over 30 times. From the day we are born again we begin walking on a journey with the Lord. John Bunyan explains it so well in his classic “Pilgrims progress”. There are bypath meadows we can be captivated by, and because of sin our walk becomes inconsistent and we can actually start going backwards, the Bible calls it backsliding.

We need to regularly reassess our walk, it is so easy to become undisciplined and lazy. In the Christian walk you cannot stand still it is either forward or backward. So at the beginning of this new year, let us assess our walk and see how consistent we have been and make any necessary adjustments to make 2014 a great year.