23 June 2014


By John Ollis

We continue our series of Blogs on Leadership this week, I do trust they are being a blessing to you. We have looked at the basic requirements for Leadership and especially that every leader has a Shepherd’s heart. Listed below are some further important requirements for a leader.


Sadly often in church life people are given a job because it has to be done, without any consideration of whether the leader has the spiritual requirements, or whether they are capable of fulfilling the role, and are therefore a square peg in a round hole. We need to assess the person’s ability.


Even if a person has the ability does he have the time, can he make himself available  to fulfil the role ,we must not invite people into leadership if it is going to be a time burden to them, The person may need help to release himself from other responsibilities, and to be taught the art of delegation.


A person’s reliability is judged on past performance, and his ability to respond to a need, and a consistency in their commitment to the Lord and to the church.


Human nature does not like change, even when the way we do it, isn’t that successful, we prefer to stay with what we know etc. A leader must be open and willing to change his methods. Inflexibility in leadership and leadership has too often been the cause of many problems in the life of  church. But remember we must not change simply for change sake.


A leader must be willing to let people speak into his life, we all have blind spots, and their must be a willingness to let our lives be adjusted if that is the need.


This is an interesting one, the Leader/Captain/Senior Pastor has a unique mantle of authority resting on him, but he must never abuse that authority. The leader is a FIRST AMONGST EQUALS.  Equally each member of the team has a God given authority too, and this must be recognised by the other team members.


Harry Truman had a sign on his desk “The buck stops here”  and the leader of the team must take overall authority  for all the team’s decisions, but equally every team member must not pass the buck, but willingly share responsibility.


Each team member is accountable to their fellow team members, and also to the church/organisation they represent.


A team member must never think, “no one can do it like me” or “this team wouldn’t work with me”. The reality is Jesus can build His church with you or without you, so we must never feel we are indispensable.

Let me encourage you to meditate on this effective keys whether you are a leader at this time, or you trust to be sometime in the future. Your comments are always appreciated.