11 June 2014


By John Ollis

The most common picture in the scriptures of a Leader is that of a Shepherd. I want you to use your sanctified imagination as you read this and relate what a man’s responsibility was to a 4 legged animal  and see the relationship with a leader in the local church.

Let me remind you that leading and serving in a local church is all about working with people, even our service on the sound desk or as a musician for example we must have a heart for the sheep. This is much more obvious in other ministries like small group leader our Deacon or Elder, but let us never forget all we do is helping in some  way  the flock of God.

1. The Shepherd is a Watchman/Watchman

Sheep really can’t look after themselves, they can’t even run fast. So the shepherd must watch out for the wild animals that may attack the flock (wolves in sheep’s clothing) birds of prey (evil spiritual forces)  Robbers (John 10.10 sheep tender to wander and easily get lost. The shepherd virtually needs eyes in the back of his head and always be alert. The bible uses the term Overseer as an essential aspect of a shepherd’s ministry. The Shepherd needs to use his staff and rod.

2. The Shepherd is a Guide

This is done by quality Bible teaching, that starts with basic discipleship and continues throughout the believers life. A Shepherd is a guide by his life, he should be able to say like Paul “Follow me even as I follow Christ.

3. The Shepherd is a Physician

Sheep are prone to many diseases, poor hearing, poor sight, heart conditions, fever, paralysis,depression, and many others. The Shepherd must be able to diagnose these conditions and give an answer to the condition. The Shepherd needs to be a Dietician, giving the sheep a balanced diet of the Word of God. Sometimes the sheep are in the valley, or the side of a hill or mountain top, the shepherd must not take the sheep to his particular landscape, but where the sheep will be well fed. Sometimes the shepherd has to be a surgeon, and working with the Holy Spirit see that circumcision of the heart takes place.

4. The Shepherd is a saviour. Not with a capital S like Jesus, but we must go looking for the wandering and lost sheep and bring them back to the flock. The shepherd must never have the attitude, it’s only one lamb, it doesn’t matter.

5. The Shepherd is a Feeder

This is a two fold ministry, we must give the sheep the finest food possible in other words a very good balanced diet, but also teach the sheep to feed themselves. Naturally we need 3 meals every day, so the sheep needs to learn to feed every day.

6. The Shepherd is a Lover of the Sheep

Every believer is challenged to love everyone with the Agape love that is poured out into their hearts, so much more the shepherd, must love the sheep and even be willing to lay down his life for them.

7. The Shepherd is a Participant.

Some Leaders just want to be armchair theorists, we must participate in the life of the sheep.

8. The Shepherd is an Organiser.

Even though generally the sheep stay in the flock there is the tendency to wander, and so that is why every sheep must be part of a sheepfold (local church)and be encouraged to be involved in the life of the church.

9. The Shepherd is a Ruler

God has delegated His authority to His Leaders to “Rule the flock of God” not as a Dictator, but as a Servant Leader.

Listed above are some important aspects of being a Shepherd in God’s House, may the Lord help us to be the very best shepherd, and regularly pray like Jesus did “that none should be lost.