4 July 2014


By John Ollis

I actually received 2 personal phone calls from my surgeon yesterday. There have been further changes since I last wrote to you. This is as a result of a discusiion between himself and the Infectious Diseas Consultant.
I have been ordered to stop the oral antibiotics immediately, and on Monday 21st July go to his rooms where he will take some fluid and tissue from my knee and send it to the Pathologist to see if they can grow a culture. With the withdrawal of the antibiotics there could be some side effects, so please pray with me this will not be the case.
Only then when the results are in will I be considered for further surgery, that is the 2 stage procedure, the cemembt spacer soaked in antibiotics inserted for 6 weeks, then a new knee replacement.
I daily thank God for His grace to handle the pain and difficulty walking, of course I am impatient to have the problem fixed once and for all, BUT, the Lord is Sovereign, He knows what He is doing, please keep me in your prayers that the Lord helping me, this will all be a positive experience.
I looking forward to that day, when I can look back and testify publicly that the problem is in the past and I give the Lord all the thanks and praise, for He does all things well.
Have a blessed weekend, may we all meet the Lord in worship and see Him between the wings of the Cherubim Ps. 80.1