3 July 2014


By John Ollis

Billy Graham’s daughter Anne Graham Lutz has been quoted this week as saying “The End is near”, is this statement in conflict with her brother’s Franklin’s statement that he is praying for a great awakening?
I do not believe so, as until the very time Jesus breaks through the clouds we must pray with the Psalmist “Lord revive us again”.We all know from personal experience that the tendency of fire is to go out, so unless we continually stir our hearts we start to “leave our first love”.When the church experiences a great awakening, the result (the fruit) is ALWAYS men and women and young people turning to the Lord in their tens of thousands. Oh how we need to see a turning to the Lord, in every country on the earth.
So what about Anne Graham’s Lutz’s statement. I love teaching Systematic Theology, and one important topic is Eschatology or the Doctrine of last things. As a younger person I had the order of things all worked out, as has so many Theologians. Even though they promote a particular Eschatological School, and even these schools have sub schools. Literally hundreds of millions of words have been written supporting these “schools” all based on the Word of God supposedly. Yet there is much that is in conflict with other positions.
The reality is there is the potential of war between Russia and Ukraine which could involve the EU (if not the whole world).Then there is the civil war in Syria that is flowing over into Iraq. Now with the death of the three young Jewish Seminary students again there could be war against Israel especially by the Arab world.
There are two major wars that must take place before everything gets wrapped up, there is the Battle of God and Magog (which definitely involves Russia and interestingly some Middle East countries, and the Battle of Armafeddon which involves the Jews and Arab countries and possibly other nations of the world. These are the signs that Anne Graham Lutz is talking about.
Our decision must not be to lock ourselves into a particular Eschatological school, and get fearful, BUT to learn to live and walk and move in the Holy Spirit in victory and in purity and expect revival in our day, by sacrificing time (and food) and energy in interceding for revival and for the nations.Being busy and committed in that part of the Vineyard the Lord has placed us, and like the early Christians greet our brothers and sisters in Christ with Maranatha (Behold the Lord cometh).
Like Esther we are alive in 2014 for “such a time as this” let us not be sleepy and unconcerned, but do everything on our part to fulfil the purposes of God in our generation.
Do you agree with my comments, are you just as aware as I am of all the signs around us at this time. God bless you abundantly.