22 July 2014


By John Ollis

You have received so many prayer requests from me, I hope you are not tired of receiving them.
I do trust this post is nor premature,here is my latest news.
I met with my surgeon yesterday, and will be be admitted to hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) for Day Surgery, to either have me knee aspirated to try and see if they can grow a culture. As my knee has not swollen up since the withdrawal of the antibiotics, he is not sure he can remove much from my knee, so may then do an Arthroscopy instead.
Then the following Tuesday I should be readmitted to hospital for surgery on the Wednesday to remove the kneee replacement and a “spacer” inserted (cement soaked in antibiotics) this will remain in for six weeks, then a new knee replacement is inserted. I will remain in hospital for 7+ weeks during this time. This will be followed by rehabilitation.
So yes, this is a new prayer request :
1. That it will take place as was indicated to me yesterday
2. That the surgery is a COMPLETE success, and the staph. infection totally leaves my body.
3. Please pray for Margaret especially during the hospitalization time.
5. That I amy wisely make use of all my time in hospital.
May the above be at last the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can then start to think about returning to Asia to teach the Word of God.
Over 150 people viewed my last blog for which I truly praise the Lord. I was very conscious of the Holy Spirit’ presence as I wrote it, as well as the previous 3. I had preached this message both on Sunday morning 2 weeks agao, and then on Sunday night last. It was well received.
So much is happening in our world at this time, I wonder if so much has happened simultaneously in the past. It is very obvipous to me that things are happening in the heavenlies, and some important Bible Prophecies could come to past in the very near future.
WE sure need our eyes open not only to discern these “signs” in our world, but have our eyes open to see what the Lord wants to say to us through His Word. May we have ears to hear and eyes to see what the Holy Spirit wants to say to His Church.
We are, of course to see we walk in victory and purity and holiness EVERY DAY, but I want to encourage you, that you work hard (don’t relax for a minute) at being aware of the “wiles” of the evil one. Don’t let anything “pollute” you life, so that it effects your spiritual seeing and hearing, nor effect your relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. The Bible says the devil knows the Bible better that we do, (he can see the signs too and is seeking to engineer them for his own purposes) so I think he and his minions are working overtime to seek us to stumble.
Thank God for His awesome protection:
1. By His Grace we can walk in the Light.
2. Thank God for the shed blood of Jesus that cleanses and protects God’s people.
3. Thank God for His Word, that also cleanses, that also wants to give us revelation and faith, remember, the Word of God is a:
(a) A Mirror
(b) A place of cleansing
(c) Gold to make us rich
(d) Food to make us grow
(e) Our roadmap to tell us and show us where to go.
4. Thank God for the “Whole armour of God” may we learn to:
(a) Recognise which piece we need
(b) Put it on
(c) Learn how to use it.
4. Thank God for the indwelling Holy Spirit, that leads us into truth, is a refining fire when we need it, convicts us and leads us ever forward and upward, and most of all HE ALWAYS PUTS THE SPOTLIGHT ON JESUS.
When jesus said “it is finished” He wasn’t just meaning that He:
(a) Had taken the wrath of God upon Himself
(b) Had taken every sin and sickness upon Himself
(c) Had DEFEATED the devil
(d) But He wants us to recognise that we also “died” with Christ we can totally live above sin, remember in EVERY TEMPTATION God has made a way out.
Remember we have read the last page of the Word of God, from the moment we were born again, we were on the Victory side, many times that was not our experience, but now I pray it is.
Please write and tell me not only that you are praying, but tell me waht the Lord is doing in your life.