25 July 2014


By John Ollis

I think it was a Negro preacher that uttered these words speaking in relation to Good Friday. It is Friday afternoon here and I am echoing these same words.
I wrote on Monday an update on my health situation both here, and in Facebook and in Whatsapp I received literally 100’s of responses indicated their plan to pray, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
The Aspiration of my knee went well at hospital on Wednesday, I had to be put ot sleep so Thursday I wasn’t feeling so bright, but physically I feel better today. I have an appointment to the surgeon next Tuesday, and I believe I will be informed the surgery will now be scheduled for Wednesay 6th August. Every time I meet with him the date gets shifted and I feel disappointed, but I felt the Lord speak to me this week that has been such an encouragement.
One of my very favourite verses for many years has been Hebrews 4.16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we might find grace to help in time of need. N.K.J.V.
This verse has opened up to me so much more I guess these last 19 months initially when I was first admitted to hospital on Christmas Eve 2012. These are some of thoughts that have come to me.
1. That as a child of God I have can come to God in total CONFIDENCE (boldy) because of the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
2. That at that moment I am in the Lord’s presence and I am bowing before the THRONE OF GRACE,
3. That I am guaranteed GRACE AND HELP in time of need. The reality is I NEED the Lord all the time.
4. I can simply step into His grace, and find the :
(a) Help
(b) Forgiveness
(c) The Peace
(d) The joy
(e) The cleansing
(f) The Wisdom
These are all rightly mine by virtue of the fact it is part of my inheritance as a born again believer.
Just yesterday (as I was laying in bed early in the morning) as I meditated on this verse yet again, I saw in my mind’s eye, a little child snuggling up to his father, and I felt the Holy Spirit say, because I love you so much you don’t have to strive and struggle, just come to me I will wrap my arms around you, and give you all the grace you need.
this has been to me a developing revelation, I don’t have to strive but simply come and take it.
I am so aware there is such a fine line between this awesome truth, and abusing the grace of God, His Grace is to:
1. Help me live above sin
2. Help me to Walk in constant victory
3. Grow in grace and in the knowlefdge of our Lord Jesus Christ
4. Help me fulfil all His commands.
Not to use God’s grace as an excuse to sin.
So this week has been a blessed week, and I need to say THANK YOU to the Lord for:
1. His grace in the midst of pain
2. His grace when things seem to be happening so slowly
3. His grace, so than IN EVERYTHING I can give thanks
4. Margaret for all her love and care and assistance
5. To the hundreds of brothers anbd sisters in Christ around the world who are constanly praying for me.
So, it is Friday (afternoon) but Sunday in coming soon,and I can
(1) Go to church and be with God’s people
(2) That I can worship the Lord together with them
(3) That I can hear God speak to me through the preached word
I love the Church of Jesus Christ
I love my Minister friends who may be part of another denomination but we are family
I love my local church with all the precious saints who worship with me.
I love the privilege of being part of the leadership team seeking to build an authentic church in 2014 and see Holy spirit revival come.
I am (almost) looking forward to the 7 + weeks in hospital soon, as I expect the Lord to speak to me from His word, to put faith in my heart, to enlarge my dreams of when i am pain free going back to the nations especially those that have been especially laid on my heart of late.
Indonesia and the 3 Bible Schools I have been teaching at for over 12 years
Vietnam where I began teachng 20 years ago
Jesus Christ SHAll be Lord of South East Asia.
I trust you are excited about the fact Sunday is coming soon, and you can meet the Lord between the wings of the Cherubim and worship in spirit and in truth Ps. 80.1