17 September 2014


By John Ollis

I asked this question on FB yesterday, and most replied and said yes, one a missionary friend in Eastern Europe said no. I personally am satisfied but I WANT MORE.
Why are there so many Christians not satisfied and unfulfilled in their walk with God ?
1. Has the spiritual transaction  truly taken place ?
2. They have not been led into assurance of sins forgiven, many sit in church and they are simply not sure of their eternal destiny
3. They have never been Biblically Discipled.
4. They have areas of sin in their lives and cannot seem to get victory
5. They are carrying scars and hurt from their past.
1 Peter 2 tells us we are New Testament priests, so as we pass much of the Old Testament through the Cross and apply new Covenant truths to God’s promises to the O.T. priests we can know greater satisfaction.
Jer.31.14 says God wants to satiate (satisfy) the souls of the priests with abundance (fatness) Ps. 92 14 says the righteous shall be fat and flourishing. We have a permanent banqueting table spread before us, and we must develop spiritual gluttony,(there is no such thing as spiritual indigestion) and continually partake of all that God has for us. We need to be spiritual alcoholics too continually drinking the wine of the Spirit. Ask the Lord to increase your spiritual hunger and thirst. Remember “we have not because we ask not !!!
Salvation is so much more that getting our sins forgiven,
God has made available to us EVERYTHING for life and Godliness.
Then there is an addition source of satisfaction. When we were born again we were became part of the family of God, the Body of Christ. The Family is called to express itself through a local church.
Ps 92. Tells us we MUST be PLANTED in a local church, committed to the family and submitted to the leadership.¬† Many Christians treat the local church like a restaurant and sometimes even do a crawl around the different churches. The common complaint is “I am not being fed”. In the above section I reminded you we MUST learn to feed ourselves, you can’t live on one sermon and a Bible Study a week, maybe your Pastor is not a great Pastor/Teacher, but you must learn to hear God speak to you, and He wants to do that every time you go to church as well as when you are alone with Him. Following the preaching with your Bible open, and take notes, you will receive manna from on high.
So everything is available to us for continued and increased satisfaction, all we have to do is follow the Master’s directions.
I trust this simple teaching helped you, let me know please ?